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  1. Doc Lori, R.N.

    4th Quarter Article Contest Results

    COngratulations everyone! Woohoo!
  2. Doc Lori, R.N.

    So Why Do You Do It?

    This article needs to be sent to Oprah, Ellen, or news media outlets, for this is the real deal! I wish I could give kudos a thousand times. Not only are you an excellent writer, but you are an amazing healer! I loved reading this! I imagine that the process of writing this was really cathartic for you. Beautiful and real. Funny and sad..this is real nursing..these are the real issues. I applaud you!
  3. Doc Lori, R.N.

    3rd Quarter Article Contest Results

    Thank you so much everyone, and congratulations to all the winners!
  4. Doc Lori, R.N.

    Nurses! Have you ever been told to "Just Relax"?

    Keep on keepin' on! :) Thank you!
  5. Doc Lori, R.N.

    Nurses! Have you ever been told to "Just Relax"?

    Well...there is the distinction between boundaries and walls, the latter being the most painful...when there are boundaries, not concrete, there is less damage at impact...with boundaries, there is still air to move, and by doing so, you are showing energetic compassion for yourself and others. I'd say don't slow down, I would however say to keep moving, stay in your focus and people whom surround you will become infected by your grace and attitude :)
  6. Doc Lori, R.N.

    Nurses! Have you ever been told to "Just Relax"?

    aha! It's like you can't fight city hall, but you sure can do alot of internal adjusting so it doesn't rob you of your own sanity !
  7. Doc Lori, R.N.

    Nurses! Have you ever been told to "Just Relax"?

    Thank you, Violets Ripple :) I am happy that this article resonated with so many ! What you said is so true, and you said it with such honesty and clarity. Any patient would be fortunate to have a thinking, feeling and self-full nurse such as yourself. Best wishes!
  8. Doc Lori, R.N.

    Nurses! Have you ever been told to "Just Relax"?

    Wow perbd, what a story! Good for you for putting your foot down. We cannot choose who we work with, nor do we have to invite other's unaddressed issues into our space. I am so happy that my article resonated with you. Rock on! :) Best wishes!
  9. Doc Lori, R.N.

    Nurses! Have you ever been told to "Just Relax"?

    Thx Sir1. I am grateful that inflammatory posts were removed, both others, and mine (in response)
  10. Doc Lori, R.N.

    Nurses! Have you ever been told to "Just Relax"?

    If your name is Mike and you did happen to be pregnant, I'm first in line to be your agent, dude! As far as I'm concerned, these threads, well any thread type forum is difficult to follow and easy to misconstrue. I really like your cat quote!
  11. Doc Lori, R.N.

    Nurses! Have you ever been told to "Just Relax"?

    Thanks nursemike. I agree with you, sort of. Anyway, what I hear you saying is, it's like "when the student is ready, the teacher will come" take on things. If you aren't in the market for a new car, you don't notice all the new models, if you aren't searching to buy a house, you don't notice all the for sale signs. Counseling is the same way. If it ain't broke, why fix it? But when it is apparently obvious when something is broken, it does no good to dance around it and point fingers at the many ways it could have become broken. It's one's own responsibility to fix themselves. Currently, the profession of nursing is lost in the dysfunctional conglomerate of our healthcare system. Instead of spinning wheels on trying to fix the system, go with the flow and fix how you perceive it. The idea that this article is narrow to me is like saying that an OB-GYN forum is narrow because it doesn't focus on nephrology. Having said that, I appreciate your vote and your viewpoint. Again, it is my expertise and that is why I feel confident in my knowledge and passionate about the life enhancing effects that nurse counseling has on the nurse. I'm not pimping out my phone number or website. I am raising awareness, and opening a discussion. I'd like to think that I have achieved this goal, as evidenced by the vast viewpoints. While it is obvious that counseling is not the only path, when it is the optimal choice, embrace it, and do not delay! Frankly, I took the opportunity with some perceptions and ran like hell with it. A real gift! If individuals had approached me with some sort of maturity, hell..then thanks and I value your opinion, whatever it is. Yet the tone was really ascerbic, raising my counselor antennas with a few red flags as to the avoidance dance we easily do when we are not either consciously or subconsciously aware of our behaviors. I chose to use his/her character as an example. In a way, his demeanor "gave" me permission to do so. With your energy and candor, nursemike, I am not surprised that you have minimal issues. However, the stats show that many nurses do, and that is reflected in my practice. Wishing you and all well!
  12. Doc Lori, R.N.

    Nurses! Have you ever been told to "Just Relax"?

    Thanks for the validation and support MyLove Rouxbi and krystal and everyone! At least there is a forum for sharing an adult discussion. (I think)! Individuals go into nursing for particular reasons and have different energetic attractions to healing others, and we all know there are bullies, and we may even work with some!! (poor, dysfunctional, co-dependent "I'll show you a thing or two" bullies) who would just explode with glee if they felt as though their behaviors, which are a result of being unwilling to address their own dysfunctional pasts were causing you to lose balance! It is manipulation in order to seek control of their environments. Nurse counseling is not a taboo, but the idea that it is not necessary for us and our profession to heal is a stigma which needs to go away! :)
  13. Doc Lori, R.N.

    Things that make you go hmmm...Nurse on Twitter?

    I watched a bit on the news yesterday and this guy was literally tweeting while having an MI, how he felt with the morphine, then being prepped for his CABG. He even video recorded himself while he was twittering. Wow.
  14. Doc Lori, R.N.

    Nurses! Have you ever been told to "Just Relax"?

    jrbl77! I love your airplane analogy! It seems as though you were driven to the point of having to look inward in order to survive! We need to remember exactly what it is that you are suggesting...that sometimes taking care of ourselves is not selfish in a negative sense, it is necessary. You Rock! :dance:
  15. Doc Lori, R.N.

    Nurses! Have you ever been told to "Just Relax"?

    Deeperwell, thank you for the validation and your understanding ! We seem to resonate, and the more we stifle the stigma that we are supposed to "suck it up", the better off we will all be! to you too! :)