My role in student nurse clinicals

  1. Instructor, where art thou?
    I've looked high and low
    Your student nurse is looking lost and
    is not sure where to go.

    I'm really very busy with the job
    I'm paid to do
    Instructor, dear instructor,
    I can't do your job too.

    Back in the day, during my clinicals, I was assigned to one or two patients and was responsible for vs, bathing, toileting and meds. I had to have the patients' meds written out on index cards and had to know how these meds were related to their diagnosis or PMH and why they were taking them. I was literally ignored by the regular staff and, if I needed help, was told to find my instructor.

    I know it's a different world from my days in nursing school, but the nursing students that we get on my unit are assigned to a nurse, not a patient, and are told to "shadow" that nurse for their clinical time. The SN can do assessments and give meds "with me". Most times, I end up explaining the med and coaching the student through the administration process. How did this happen?

    I'm not saying nursing students should be ignored like when I was in school and I don't mind answering questions or sharing information about the patient with the student, but it completely throws me off my day to have to stop and explain everything I'm doing to the student. There must be a middle ground somewhere. I feel like student supervision should ultimately be the instructor's responsibility, not mine.

    Can anyone else relate to this?
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  3. by   Atl-Murse
    Might be SN from fundamental of nursing
  4. by   JBMmom
    Maybe that school/program is doing something different. The students on my current floor are also assigned to patients and have a PCT/nurse role with the instructor. The do vitals, care, and meds with the instructor. Maybe you should talk with your management and have them clarify with the school the goals of their program to balance that the responsibilities of the floor nurses. Certainly we can all take some time to help students since we were once there are well, but if it's interfering with the care that you can provide then it's not in the best interest of the patient, or your hospital.
  5. by   registerednutrn
    I am a clinical instructor in a LVN program I take a group to a nursing home. My role is somewhat limited due to the facility's rules not ours. So for my student to give meds the nurse has to log on for and watch us prepare and give the meds so we only get to give meds once other wise I do any skills that come up such as foley changes or placements with the students Now I also work on a busy medsurg floor and I will usually have a management level student from either of the 2 RN programs assigned to me so they follow me everywhere the only way they get to do anything with me is to show me that they are competent. If they are not I communicate that to the instructors. It can be overwhelming at times but is what the schools and hospital agreed on I can refuse to have a student if I want. Please forgive any crazy misspelling as I am typing on my phone e and it autocorrects really crazy