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  1. registerednutrn


    Actually yes we do have about 4 spots coming open
  2. registerednutrn


    So I don't normally post much but I have to share this. I worked on a very busy (insane busy) medsurg floor for 11years. My typical day would generally be something like this. 1. post ( usually 1 day sometimes fresh post op)esophogogastrectomy with ngt chest tube j-tube requires q4 hour flushes tpn and ambulation. and constant pain med ( our facility did away with PCA so pain med was usally q 1-2 hr. 2. post(sometime fresh post op) heptatectomy usually with ngt to liws, a j-tube needing flushing a foley and constant pain med. 3. Post TURP (fresh post op usually) with a Murphy drip running at full blast ( usually changing a 5000 ml bag every 15-30 min. 4. A fresh sleeve gastrectomy sometime with a duodenal switch as well 5 A cabg about 18 hr post op with chest tubes tele sometimes an external pacemaker 6. Lap chole or appy that is fixing to discharge I kept telling my self it would get better but it only got worse as more and more stuff was added for the nurse to do. I did all of this and precepted the new GN's as well. Then we had a computer error that resulted in 2 write ups and i decided enough was a enough when they refused to remove the write ups after was discovered was a computer error. I was ready to completely quit nursing. I have a friend that had been after me for about 5 years to come work with her. I put my app in and got the job so here is my day now. 3 medsurg patients low acuity but they can be really sick ( more chronic CHF COPD ect.) But it gets better our floor census today is 8 patients (max is 14) we had 4 RNs and 3 techs plus an LVN that was floated to another unit. ( now today is a little atypical. we can have up to 5 patients but I have only had it happen once so far.) I am able to sit with my patients hold their hand talk to them laugh with them in other words be a nurse and not a medication pusher running my backside off. And I get my 2 15 min breaks and my lunch break. So there are greener pastures out there ( just wish i had not waited so long) so those of you that work on a unit like my old one know that it can be better.
  3. registerednutrn

    How do you handle touchy/feely coworkers?

    Why can’t you say you don’t like being touched. There is nothing wrong with saying it. I have told people that when it was needed. Some individuals don’t read body language as well as others so if you don’t tell them it bothers you how will they know it. It really is ok to set boundaries.
  4. I usually don’t post much but.. I read the enditment papers for 2 of the cases and the dosages listed for patient one was 1000mcg fentanyl and 10 mg hydromorphone and patient 2 was 1000 mcg fentanyl and 6 mg versed. Now I have to believe that any pharmacist or nurse would know that these would be fatal doses.
  5. registerednutrn


    Look up the patho for both conditions see how they may or may not be related. Then think about how each condition will affect the patient. Once you have done this you should start to have an idea of what nursing diagnoses you would want to choose. I know that care plans can be difficult but they help you start to learn to think critically. Hang in there you can do this
  6. registerednutrn

    Inmate patients- keeping the guard happy too

    Depends on your facility policy but if dr ordered nicotine patch I would give. As far as extras like soda jucce and coffee the agreement the facility where i work would not allow those. Some of the prisoners we get are pretty hard core so the will have a guard at bedside a second guard in the room and one outside the room as well as one of the hospital security guards at the nurses station. The guards don't allow the prisoners to ask for extras.
  7. registerednutrn

    NCLEX-RN: What does it mean to pass with 75

    It's cuts you off anytime after the 75th question if you are clearly failing or clearly passing
  8. registerednutrn

    My role in student nurse clinicals

    I am a clinical instructor in a LVN program I take a group to a nursing home. My role is somewhat limited due to the facility's rules not ours. So for my student to give meds the nurse has to log on for and watch us prepare and give the meds so we only get to give meds once other wise I do any skills that come up such as foley changes or placements with the students Now I also work on a busy medsurg floor and I will usually have a management level student from either of the 2 RN programs assigned to me so they follow me everywhere the only way they get to do anything with me is to show me that they are competent. If they are not I communicate that to the instructors. It can be overwhelming at times but is what the schools and hospital agreed on I can refuse to have a student if I want. Please forgive any crazy misspelling as I am typing on my phone e and it autocorrects really crazy
  9. registerednutrn


    I think I would be a grave error to assume that someone with little to no experience would be the best fit for a role . There needs to be a middle ground somewhere. Seniority should have some play in deciding on a promotion but not be the only deciding factor.
  10. registerednutrn

    RN to BSN question:

    I got my bachelors through WGU. You have6 months to complete 4 classes which is not bad. I paid 3250.00 a term (6 months). You can complete more in a term. I completed 8 classes in one term some only taking me a week or so. You pretest and see what you need to study the most and focus you study on that content. Then core nursing classes are a lot of paper writing. It's pretty flexible
  11. registerednutrn

    WGU, RN - BSN

    I finished my BSN with WGU last October. Best advice I can give is communicate with your mentors. Don't let your self get frustrated when assignments are returned for revision the course mentors are not the ones who grade your work so sometimes you just have to do the assignment turn it in get feed back from the grader revise and resubmit. Set aside time to study everyday but also set aside a little time for you too. I loved the fact that I could complete some courses in a week or two allowing me more time for the harder courses. Good luck
  12. registerednutrn

    2017 Nurse Salary

    Location Amarillo Tx Experience 10 years (all med/surg) Acute care hospital Salary 32.50/ hr +1.00/BSN other diff 3.00/hr if I precept, 2.00/ hr if I charge, nights 2.00/hr weekend 4.00/hr. Depending on how many extra shifts I pick up can make 75,000 to 80,000 (. I'm single to try to limit the number of extra shift as uncle sams eats me up in taxes. I don't have a house payment as I own my home but a 1700 sq ft 4 bedroom3 bath double car garage home cost about 225000 depending on location
  13. registerednutrn

    Clinical informatics advice please

    I have an I interview coming up for a clinical informatics analysts position that I really want. I was wondering it there were any clinical informatics nurses on here that could give me an idea of what kinds questions I might be asked. There will be several people at this interview some via conference call so I am very nervous and just want to try to prepare. I really want to interview well especially since my current director has recommended me for the position. Any ideas would be welcomed
  14. registerednutrn


    So I am wondering if anyone knows if the dTap vaccine is a requirement for nurses in Texas. My employer told me it is now a state requirement. I am not against vaccines but I am very cautious as I have had adverse reactions in the past to vaccines. I was just wondering since I work on an adult unit if it is really required or if it is just my employer
  15. registerednutrn

    Apple IWatch and nursing

    I have the middle priced one ( the 549.00 model) and I don't use a cover and it has done ok. In the then middle priced one that I have as the stonger glass but not sure you can check the apple website for sure