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Im still getting used to my first LPN job and i go home everyday in pain. When i finally go to bed, my feet are pounding when i elevate them. I just wanted to complain to you guys, since you've all... Read More

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    Also after work soak your feet for about 30mins in water hot enough that you can submerge your feet in and take something like panadol (Tylenol)
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    I have this iasue also. I'm a nursing assistant and i run run run alllll day. I woke up one morning and couldn't walk a trip to the podiatrist indicated a stress fracture on my second metatarsal. Come to find out I have what they call cavus feet, which just means a high arch. I'm being fitted for custom orthotics. My podiatrist said most people think foot pain is normal but it's not. Just thought I'd share.

    "No day but today"
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    I would say research or see a doctor regarding your specific symptoms. I tried Crocs, Danskos, etc. and so on and so on. I diagnosed myself with plantar fascitis (because I couldn't afford to go the dr). I did specific exercises and I went to a running store and had my feet analyzed - this was the best thing!! I got shoes specifically for my feet and my gait and those combined with some stretching has done miracles for me that Danskos wouldn't.
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    I found that wearing my sketchers half the day, and then my clogs the other half of my shift helped. The last 4 hours, pressure points were relieved from the first 4 hours if that makes sense.
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    Ha, I got called a creep for even entertaining the notion of a solution.

    Foot rub?

    Dr. Scholl's work great for me.
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    After 25 yrs in nursing I figured out that the more toxic my body was, the more my feet hurt! I recommend a wholesome diet, plenty of water and an intestinal cleanse of your choice.
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    0 carries wide Danskos. I couldn't find wide sizes on the Dansko web site.

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