My boss just stunned me

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    There's a stomach bug going around the office. People have been out with it. I went in with it. I was told to go home, we don't want it and we don't want our patients to get it.

    I have been told to wear a mask, to wash my hands, but NEVER has a boss in nursing been human enough to send me home!

    I love my job.
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    Huh. Amazing, from what I read on this board! Rest up and feel better. I confess my workplace is like this. I've never been pressured to work when sick. I've only been told, sincerely, rest, feel better, and take the time you need.
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    Feel better Sue!
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    chicken soup-- not that "for the nursing soul" crap, the real thing, with a little extra schmaltz. just inhaling the vapors will cure anything. feel better soon!
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    We're on lock down with this bug at my job. You so much as hiccup, you get sent home. And don't come back until symptom free for 24 hours.

    Staffing has been a nightmare.
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    When I was a CNA in nursing school the hosptial I worked for was very similar. We had a bug that hit the 6th floor and was working its way through the house. Staff was getting sent home for coughing sniffles etc.
    Then once we were out sick we had to be cleared by employee health before we could return to work. I had felt fine for 2 shifts, but wasn't allowed back becasue my voice was still raspy, and they were not taking any chances.
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    Haha... my floor would send someone home and not allow them to come back until they were symptom free for 72 hours if they had the GI bug. BUT, if they had previously called out within the past 3 months, they'd still get a warning for "excessive absenteeism".
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    yeah, as long as you don't get penalized for getting sent home--which is the policy at our facility. if we leave (even sent home) before half of our shift is complete, we are penalized with a point system...after a few points (fewer than 10) you are automatically terminated.
    also for calling out sick, missing a clock punch, any unauthorized absence (which includes a surgical procedure or illness for which you have not been approved leave)
    are only the hands on health care workers required to have integrity so they take every hit and the facility takes the credit but has no integrity? i'm totally disgusted.
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    That was my experience every other place I've ever worked. No mercy.
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    That's so nice, to be treated like an actual human! Hope you feel better soon. At my facility, we get three call-offs a YEAR.
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