Low Census-what's up?!

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    Something odd is going on at my hospital. I work on a (formerly busy) med/surge floor but lately they are cancelling nurses and putting them on call left and right. We usually work 4 12 hour shifts per week but lately many of us are lucky to get 2 nights per week. Our census is eerily low. This time last year we were packed, all rooms full and it usually doesn't slow down until Spring. So I feel like something ominous is approaching. Could this be from the new healthcare? I know that the doctor that is the main driving admitter to our hospital is always complaining about the new healthcare and he has really dropped back on admitting. This is killing the nursing staff financially-I am very worried! Anyone else with the same at their hospital?
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    I work in a pulmonary LTACH and our census is so low...Normally it dips in the summertime and then picks up in the fall, usually around now is crazy with flu season approaching..I've been canceled 3 times in the past month.
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    I'll bite, why do you think the ACA is dropping your census?
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    My hospital is busier than ever. We routinely have to turn away transfers cause we don't have a bed for them and we also board it's in the ER during the week cause we run out of beds in the hospital. I do not see a end to this trend anytime soon. In fact, I anticipate business picking up even more thanks to the ACA
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    I feel you! Our census is low as well.. They've been canceling nurses cus we are overstaffed. I heard that it usually gets like this during the holidays. It is for my unit at least.
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    I don't know that it is the ACA. I just don't know why when we are usually packed this time of year, we are down in the teens as opposed to over 40. The other closest hospital is three hours away, I don't think we have much competition. I am not blaming ACA, I am just trying to figure out what might be going on. I guess I need to hurry and relocate back home to the big city, I will be leaving in February anyway!
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    I have noticed the same thing in my floor. This time last year we were fully packed and extra shifts could be picked up with ease. None we have half our unit regularly closed and have staff floated to other units daily. None of us can figure it out. I, too, have wondered if the ACA has some folks acting cautiously for fear of not having good coverage for services.
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    The ACA wouldn't be an issue sine the remainder doesn't start until 1/1/14.
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    We're packed. And not sure how low census is due to ACA.
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    If anything the ACA will increase the census because more people will have insurance. And it doesn't begin officially until next year. It could be a number of things as to why the census is low.

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