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Okay, so I spent one shift with this fella who's dying. I love palliative care; it's like ER to me, a vacation. I don't think I could do it every day but it's enjoyable. What I enjoy is the hands-on care, the little "common... Read More

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    After one of our long-time patients died, her husband came down the hall and grabbed me in a big bear hug, spun me around, smiling and crying "thank God it's over!"

    A few of our newer staff looked on in disgust. I knew exactly where he was coming from; he wasn't glad she was dead, he was ecstatic she was no longer suffering. How unselfish is that?

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    Quote from Indy
    Well, thanks for listening. Like I said, just a vent. I was so tired and her comment hit me just the wrong way, that it felt to me like I had wasted good teaching time on someone who wasn't listening at all. I feel a little better now.
    I remember little if anything of what the nurses and doctors said to me when my Mom was dying. But I remember their kindness and their presence.

    You wasted nothing. You were there for a person who desperately needed you. Trust me. She was listening, to more than just your words.
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