iv push benadryl

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    Do you dilute it with 10mls of NS before pushing it?

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    yes, I do. I also give IV benadryl verrrrrrry sloooooowwwwly as I know if given quickly, it can precipitate the dreaded "feeling of doom" in patients.

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    Quote from HyperRNRachel
    Do you dilute it with 10mls of NS before pushing it?
    Not if giving it for an emergency like a blood transfusion reaction.
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    I never diluted it, but gave it slowly, because it can sometimes cause a drop in BP. I think diluting it is an excellent idea, especially since the pre-filled NS syringes are around-there really isn't any reason not to do it that way.
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    If I'm pushing through a lock, yes. Otherwise I just open the IV and push it at a proximal port.
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    push it very slowly in the proximal port if fluids are running and dilute if given via psl / heploc.
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    As an inpatient, I have had to have IV push Benadryl given for an allergic reaction I was having to a medication. It burned very badly going in and I asked the RN giving the med. to please slow it down, and dilute it with NS. She was giving it undiluted through a port very close to the IV insertion site.
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    Usually 3-5 cc NS and pushed into far port on pump.
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    I mix with ns and infuse through a mini infuser for slower infusion. Unless it is an urgent situation as someone stated above.
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    I recently received Compazine IVP, a flush then 50mgs of Benadryl IVP (very fast and undiluted). It was given through a Peripheral H/L. First, it burned like heck! Then, I had this feeling of "impending doom". Then all of a sudden, my heart rate went from about 85 BPM to an SVT rate of >200 BPM and then I turned pale, I became dizzy and started coughing. Then my BP went from 140/85 to 190/150 in a matter of minutes with an onset immediately after the Benadryl. I thought I was gonna die of a massive MI or stroke out or something!! Very scarey! Especially when you're a nurse and a patient and you start self diagnosing. I hope I never go through that ever again!
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