If you could pick your ideal job in nursing, what would it be? If you could pick your ideal job in nursing, what would it be? - pg.2 | allnurses

If you could pick your ideal job in nursing, what would it be? - page 2

So if you could pick you ideal job, with ideal hours what job would you do? For me my ideal job would be 3 days a week, 3-1 patient ratio on a tele floor I would have a pro active, supportive,... Read More

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    Which nursing job gives me the winning powerball ticket?

    That's the one I want.
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    OB/GYN Office, 3 days per week (Tues, Wed, Thurs) with great coworkers, and doctors without attitude. And make $ that I make now.
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    This is easy! I would invent my own periop job. I would be with my patient as their pre-op RN, circulator and then recover them in PACU. That job would make me so stinkin' happy!

    Of course, having a commute of less than half an hour would be a bonus!!
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    oH, I HAD my ideal job.

    I was a float. Most nurses loathe floating, i LOVED it!! Just LOVED it, made each day fresh, broadened my knowledge base, kept it exciting and 'fresh'. LOVED it. Also, reduces the crapola we can get into with personality conflicts/coworkers/shift wars, etc.

    Re: Every sunday off, can be done. Depends on the type of nursing you choose. But, even in hospital nursing, there are some hospitals which offer weekday/weekend staffs. Me, i didn't mind working weekends, really, cuz i sure did love having a WEEKDAY off, wow, got so much done.

    Re: great bosses, few and far between. Still, as awesome as having one is, you will ALWAYS still be YOU, with your gifts and skills to share, no matter who is the boss.

    Re: great coworkers, learn to work with ANYONE....absolutely anyone.
    Most everywhere you work, there will be always be one oddball, and if you are lucky, there's ONLY the one.

    Focus on <3 THE PATIENTS. <3
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    Clinical educator job - 4 days per week, 10-hour days, 7am - 5pm, Monday through Thursday, 2 holidays per year, 4 weeks vacation.
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    Quote from TheCommuter
    My ideal nursing job would involve:

    1. Minimal direct patient care - just enough to maintain my skill set.
    2. No contact with hostile family members and belligerent visitors.
    3. At least three days off per week, preferably in a row.
    4. Nothing in acute care - I don't like the high-pressure hospital environment.
    5. Only patients who are in stable condition with predictable outcomes.
    6. Low levels of stress and enjoyable coworkers.
    Agree! 100%
    + reasonable pay, hourly/not salary preferable. and No On-call
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    Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (:
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    My current job with a higher pay...except we'd have visiting hours and the nurses wouldn't be responsible for things like bed baths and bed pans
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    Well baby nursery three days a week.
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    I think I would like to be a school nurse, making good money, on a salary.
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    Mines would be working in the ED at a Trauma center 3 days a week! Thursday - Saturday 1pm-1am. Get paid for 4 days cause of Thursday & Friday. Full benefits, $5 copays. Awesome co-workers & docs too would be a plus!
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    I am lucky. I already have my perfect job. Full time rapid response nurse. My job is a lot of fun, basicaly one critical situation after another and if nothing is going on I sit with my feet up. Tons of autonomy (I can't imagine a hospital nurse with more autonomy) and respect. It's a leadership position but I am nobody's supervisor. I work in a great and supportive union hospital (obviously not Magnet) with good benifits including a pension plan. I get 8 hours of vacation AND 4 hours of sick time every pay period and make well into six figures (not counting OT). My fellow nurses are alwasy happy to see me since I only come when they need help. I get all the food calls "hello rapid response? Ya just wanted to let you know we are having rootbeer floats here on tele". My (male) nurse manager is fantastic! He leaves me alone until I need him and he has my back as he has demonstrated many times. All that and exactly the schedual I wanted.
    Lucky indeed.
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    Full-time clinical educator for NIGHT SHIFT nurses. 4 nights/ week from 5p-3a. PICU / NICU / PEDS.
    I've had two jobs for much of my career so my second job would be night shift homecare nurse for a vent-dependent baby with a nice family and a decent cable package and wireless internet. (This is the job where I get all my research / bill paying / reading done)