If you could no longer work as a nurse, what would you do?

  1. 0 If you could no longer work as a nurse, for whatever reason, what other job or career would you choose? This is assuming that you have only ever worked as a nurse and your degree is strickly nurse related.
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    I would be a writer, or go back to school and major in English. Or both.
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    I would open a small bookstore-coffee shop... located somewhere warm.... with a view of the ocean or mountain.
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    I wanna own a really awsome pet shop.
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    Quote from qt2168
    I wanna own a really awsome pet shop.
    You can have my pet budgie to start you off.
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    I would like to work in R & D for Harley Davidson and test ride new motorcycles.
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    I would own a bookstore. I would drink coffee and tea all day and read and talk books while my dog sat comfortably at my feet.
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    OK, if I were younger, I would like to be a federal agent such as ATF, FBI, DEA. But, since I am not- I tell everyone that my dream job is to own a laundromat. Seriously.
    Please don't judge me.
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    Because I love to read and cannot imagine not being able to, I would volunteer in an adult literacy program.
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    I would be a professional jazz trumpet player....or go back to school for music therapy...(previous career options for me that competed with nursing)..
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    I would be a professional broadway dancer.
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    I'd love to work in a bookstore again. That was my favorite job, that and my library job. Heh, I totally should have been a librarian. SHHHHH!!
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    I'm attracted to introvert-type jobs such as long-distance truck driving, librarianship, grounds-keeping, and working at home.

    I'd love to work as a mortician, because dead people don't complain.
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