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The life of an insomniac night shift nurse is one that is truly misunderstood. Tomorrow for example, I have to attend a work related class that starts at 7:30am which means I have to "get up" by 5am due to the commute. Sadly,... Read More

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    I'm glad that many of you enjoyed my experience and were able to relate!

    And yes I think technically that Unicorns aren't supposed to have wings
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    I'd like to share my story with you after LOL at your story.
    My DH can sleep on a washing line no matter what is going on in the world too-he says it is because he was in the Navy and had to sleep in a bunk the size of a bathtub!
    Me well I struggle to sleep I don't struggle to go to sleep I struggle to stay asleep longer than a few hours.
    The children come to me, the cats like to lie all over me and the dog snuggles next to by back all in my corner of the bed!.
    My dh lies in his 1/2 of the bed which encroaches into my 1/2 no matter who is in bed with us.
    Let the cat dare to walk on his pillow once in a week, month or a year (they know better) he starts ranting and raving at the top of his voice not caring if I was asleep and woke me up!
    So why is it I find the need to creep around and not disturb the house when I cant sleep-I have no idea
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    Quote from JSlovex2
    it's not really that i "care" but it's a bit different situation than someone who can't sleep because they have kids to care for or a spouse who has an opposite schedule compared to someone who "has the presence of children in the house" and a mother in law nagging them.

    just saying.

    Thank you for jumping to conclusions. In fact, you are incorrect. My wife works full-time, though my MIL is retired, from another country and is staying with us now to help take care ofthe kids at times. We actually pay her for this. Her ability to help is limited, and the help comes with a high cost (and I don't mean the money), but it's what we can afford to do at the time.

    When we just had the toddler (when she was still an infant), I was home alone with her after working night shifts, which means I slept only if and when she napped. In fact, what we used to do was that I would take the subway to work at night, so my wife would drive our daughter to her job. After my night shift was over, I would take the subway to her job and drive the car home; feed our daughter and entertain her until she had a nap. Now, the toddler is in day care twice a week. The 6 month old is home every day.

    From day one I have been an active participant in both daughters' care. When they were newborns, given that my wife was breastfeeding, I would be the one changing the diapers.

    I guess you have your stereotype about what men have done with respect to childcare in your life experience, but I do kind of resent your labeling me with your own stereotype.

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    Quote from TheMoonisMyLantern
    I have to admit, I'm a sucker for 12 hour shifts, the four days off per week just really works for me. I have worked five 8 hour shifts in the past per week and I had a really hard time balancing home life with my work life. My hat is off to those that are able to do it and enjoy it!
    I work one 12 a week, which gets me 3 days off a week. It's just about perfection, haha!
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