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Who?Me? specializes in OR, public health, dialysis, geriatrics.

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  1. Who?Me?

    Nurse Staffing Costs

    Wage freezes, elmination of all but pm shift differentials, new employee wage grids lowered, no education benefits, the "revamping" of the clinical ladder has been "happening" for 4 years, on-call pay decreased, and the employee discount in cafeteria eliminated.
  2. Who?Me?

    Happy Unintentional Ignorance Awareness Week!

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Thank you for helping us to remember that our patients are not just their diagnosis(es). The gentleman in 201 was a combat veteran in the Korean War an lost his leg not related to diabetes, but because he jumped on a bouncing betty to save a friend. Miss June on the 3rd floor can't hear you any longer, but the former English teacher, would love it if you wrote her a note rather than gesticulate wildly. Little Bobby, who is 5yo, thinks you are wonderful because you let him bring GorillaGorilla, his 3 foot high stuffed gorilla (of course) to the OR with him--and his parents think you rock. All of our patients are someones' mother, father, sister, brother, niece, nephew, neighbor, pastor, etc. Remember that the next time you refer to the "gallbladder" in 402.
  3. Who?Me?

    Step away from the old nurse!

    Going on 20+ years in nursing and while on some days I hate where medical care is headed, I still love nursing. No more requests for phone numbers....now I am a colleague. I will gladly trade the dates (happily married) for the respect I get from the surgeons and my peers. When I reached 30 I felt like I finally knew something. At 40 others realized I did know what I was doing, and now it all seems to fall together more than it falls apart! Here's a toast to all the nurses! Young and experienced. It is a damned fine profession made all the better by having us in it.
  4. Who?Me?

    Do you shower right after your shift?

    Absolutely. Even with scrubbing my hands multiple times per day and wear a hat, mask, gown, and gloves in the OR, I take a shower. I have to wash the hospital off asap.
  5. Who?Me?

    Recipe for a Dissertation

    In the middle of my MSN practicuum. That is plenty of work with job, family, school, and taking care of myself to survive it all....every once and awhile I will get PhD urges, but just like baby urges a visit to my syllabus and practicum timeline takes care of that for now. Good luck. Keep us all posted!
  6. Who?Me?

    An interesting view of just how bad things are...

    I think Joe Citizen is fully aware of how bad off the US is. It is the greedy politicians, CEO's, etc., that do not want to see what is happening because it might interfere with their business dealings.
  7. Who?Me?

    An open letter to the ER triage nurse

    You need to send this to the hospital administer, the director of nursing and the ER/ED director at the very least. I would also send it to the local paper.
  8. Who?Me?

    Facebook almost cost me my job

    Doesn't have to be "leaked" by anyone. All HR has to do is search for you and read your posts. Just safer not to post work-related stuff on social networking sites.
  9. Who?Me?

    Facebook almost cost me my job

    I never post about work. Not only can it get you in trouble with current job, but hurt your prospects with future employers.
  10. Amen!! Been there done that in every specialty area I have worked in over the last 20 years--the amazing disappearing physician, the whatever department that doesn't really understand that you do not have time to answer their questions that if they just took two minutes and thought it through they would figure out the answer, etc.
  11. Who?Me?

    Plz read!!! Nurse using drugs what should i do???

    Does the facility she works at have an anonymous report line? If so, use it to report you suspect she has been on duty while high. This is a professional responsibility. You cannot help her in her personal life if she doesn't want help, but you do have a professional obligation to keep patients safe.
  12. Who?Me?

    Getting thrown under the bus

    What??!! Were you suppose to stand there and count the patient's bites of food? How absolutely ridiculous and it is a good thing the MD has retired.
  13. Who?Me?

    Scared of MD

    Doesn't matter what sex the doc is. What they did is bullying and creating a hostile work environment. They need to be up. Most organization's have no-tolerance policies in place these days related to the fact that you could actually sue the organization for allowing an worker to intimidate staff. There will always be those that get off on belittling others. I can understand having a bad day or an off moment, but if this is how this doc interacts with staff always they need to be talked to and they need to apologize to you. Most likely such an apology will be less than sincere, but it may wake them up to the fact that such behavior in the 21st century is not tolerated. Your manager at the very least should be involved with defending the staff against this behavior and he/she should get the Chief of Staff or Chief of Surgery involved. I have found that it is the most insecure mds, regardless of skill, that are the ones that act out. Always act as a professional this this or any doc. You cannot go wrong by not sinking to their level. I bet this md doesn't really recall this incident. It was one of many times in their opinion that the "nursing staff didn't do their job." When in truth it was yet another incident of this physcian not doing their job. I agree completely with another poster that stated that this is a perfect example of why computer-based order entry works--if the doc didn't enter the order as STAT in the computer, I can't read their mind (ugh! Who would really want to anyway?!) and just "know" what they meant to tell me or another nurse. Jeez.
  14. Who?Me?

    Feeling guilty about working over shift end

    I absolutely agree with everyone who mentioned not working off the clock. You may love your job, but get your money for it-you worked for it! I have worked LTC, hospital-based, and public health and in all of those areas I have had days when I get out on time and plenty of days when I have had to stay over to help my coworkers, finish charting after a hellacious shift, or the next shift didn't show up and someone has to take care of the patients/residents. As you work you will pick up "tricks of the trade" for increasing your efficiency, grouping cares, etc. All of this comes with time and experience. Perhaps you could be the one to initiate filing all of the fall paperwork in packets? Good luck.
  15. Who?Me?

    First Nursing job, and I drowned!

    First this was not a reflection of you as a nurse. This experience was is a reflection of a poorly run facility. Wedding music can wait-patient care cannot. This place is lucky it isn't getting closed. I am still trying to get over the fact that as a new grad you were only going to get 8 days of orientation!?? WTH! Not cool and not safe. Any DON worth her salt would never put up with this for worker and patient safety. As for the advice to stay away from LTC-many facilities are well run and are actually a great place to hone prioritizing skills, wound care and prevention, and learning how to deal with a variety of personalities. I am very sorry that you were fired, they were lucky you didn't report them, but reflect back and think about what you have learned from this experience-you will not put up with a prematurely shortened orientation, you will speak up when presented with a unmanageable situation, and you have learned that if you have a shift to start and no one is on the floor caring for your patients-you walk out of a meeting-if they don't like it ask if they will be taking care of your patients who now have late insulin, tube feedings, and time sensitive cares that are late? 9 out of 10 times they will let you go without a further word. With the DON giving you a good reference, she realizes that she and the facility are lucky they aren't in trouble with the state, CMS, and OSHA for unsafe patient care conditions and that you didn't report them. She realizes that they were wrong in their handling, or non-handling, or this whole situtation. Best of luck to you. Obviously you are a strong individual look at all you have overcome! When asked about leaving the LTC job after a short period of time, I would just say that it was not the right job for you based on shortened orientation and not having support as a new grad to ensure that you were learning the job properly.
  16. Who?Me?

    Another nurse bites the dust due to facebook

    I "google" myself and my usernames everyone once in awhile in order to make sure things are okay.