I need 25 people to answer the following question....

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    I thought I had posted this already but it did not show up so my apologies if this posts twice =/

    For a project in my nursing class we need the response of 25 people to the following question:

    If you were to start your career over would you still go into nursing?

    A) Yes
    B) No
    C) Not Sure

    Thanks in advance for your response!!

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    Yes I would
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    Yes I would, most definitely, without question!!!!!
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    yes sure would
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    Yes. Might have a different degree, might have taken a different path in this profession, but Yes I would still have been a nurse.
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    Thanks for your quick replies! I really appreciate it
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    Yes I would definitely still have done it. No regrets.
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    I'm a yes, too
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    A -- Yes ... but I thought alot about saying "not sure."

    I guess what I would do now ... knowing what I know ... is that I would have gotten a double major. I would have majored in nursing, but gotten another BS in another field to give me more options.

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