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I got fired for a dumb thing I did breaking a hospital policy per HR, not my nursing performance or patient care related. How will that affect me getting another job?... Read More

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    Unfortunetely, you probably won't know until you start looking for another job. If you broke some sort of policy, make sure that you have taken steps so that it doesn't happen again. Then you can certainly use the "I have learned that ___________ was inappropriate, I have taken xyz steps so that it does not happen again. As a nurse, I blah, blah, blah, consistently received excellent performace reviews, and (whatever else you did in your nursing practice that is positive). But it depends on what you did. If it was inappropriate facebook take your employer off of facebook and make your page private. If it was bad mouthing, temper--you could go to see someone about your behavioral techniques. If you were fratenizing with a co-worker then I would literally say "my boyfriend and I worked at the same hospital. We were not aware that this was against company policy". Key thing is to be prepared to answer tough questions if you need to, and have taken steps to avoid this happening in the future.
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    Even if your employer doesn't reveal why you were fired, YOU may have to own up. Potential employers will probably ask in the interview why you left your position. I think it's worse to dodge the question or try to hide the reason....as embarassing as it may be. Your potential employer can go back and ask your previous employer, and they will then need to be honest. You're best to come clean if it comes up.
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    Just hoping the best for you! Hope you can find a job soon! and never ever break rules again
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    Yes, that can be reported to the BON if the employer chooses to go that route, they might of told her during the HR meeting or not.

    I have known nurses to be fired for much less though in the state that I work for and did okay for finding other work. I have also known nurses to fired for much worse and found work.
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    I am sorry as I thought they would give you a chance as well. It is not like they caught you doing it more than once and it was in a car. Most former employers do not reveal too much IF they are ever even called by a prospective employer. Sure, they can reveal a lot but usually do not for fear of defamation lawsuits. They usually just give the basics. So definately do not reveal the details up front because the odds are the interviewer does not know the details. I would not lie though but have an answer prepared that tells the truth without the details. If I did have the information that you were fired I may ask something like this." Why were you let go by XYZ facility". Also make sure you a prepared answer about what you have learned from the experience and how that will make you a better employee. I am always willing to give someone a chance if they behave as an adult and learn from their mistakes.
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    I am lost and confused. You lost your job because you were caught in a compromising postion with a fellow employee in the parking lot in a car???? During your work hours???? Or is this some made up assumption? Lord have mercy is right.
    "I made a poor personal choice that the company I was employed by felt it unbecoming of the image they wanted portrayed of their nursing staff. I have learned greatly from this, and have further learned not to mix my high standards of practice with my personal choices." This is a slippery slope. Made worse by the fact that it occured on their property if you were on the clock or not. Otherwise, it would not/should not be of concern to them. They have to be very careful in what they say regarding your character, as it could be seen as slanderous. And subjective. This is embarrasing, and sucks, and I am sure lessons were learned on both sides of the matter. And please tell me that the person "involved" with you lost their job as well......providing that this is not some gossip or a general example....if it is, I stand by my first comment--stick to your job performace, and not to "he said that I did" Because unless you put it on the You Tube the rest is subjective.....
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    You asked for our advice on the last thread. We told you to resign.... How did they catch you off guard???? Should have taken our advice
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    While a HR department officially can only give dates and pay info., people know people, and people talk. I think it will be difficult for you to find a job in your area.
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    There is no federal law stating they can only give dates of employment and just those kinds of facts. Some states may have more specific laws but you need to check. I do not think you will have a problem getting another job, So you used poor judgement and then got caught.You did not make a clinical error.
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    HR in larger institutions will generally not release any more information than employment dates and job title, not due to regulations but instead to avoid getting caught up in civil proceedings with claims of false information or bias. Your former employer has 'no horse in this race' and may not want to be involved at all.

    Being terminated for cause, any cause, puts you in a strong headwind in trying to get hired somewhere else. It really just depends on your specific set of skills and experience, and what difficulties employers face in finding qualified candidates.

    For sure, be open and honest in response to any questions. You are damaged goods at this point and need to show prospective employers that you're only tarnished on the surface, not having deep cracks in your honor and ethics.
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