How often do you get sick?

  1. When I think of nursing and other professions in the healthcare industry that deal directly with patients, I often imagine that getting sick is sort of an occupational hazard. So, I wanted to poll you all and see what turns up.

    How often do you get sick?

    What are some things you do (besides the obvious - hand washing, glove wearing, protective measures while on the job) to stay healthy?

    Do you consume echinacea and vitamin C like it's going out of style?
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  3. by   RNperdiem
    I am rarely sick.
    Handwashing and universal precautions will serve you well. Get your vaccines and take care of your health.
    Exposure to contagious diseases depends on where you work.
    My patients are dealing with more diabetes, alcoholism and risky behavior than infectious disease.
  4. by   newohiorn
    I have only been sick twice in the three years I have been a nurse. I work full-time as a bedside nurse in the hospital--first a surgical floor, than an ICU and now I float so I work almost everywhere. I recommend hand washing as your primary defense. I do not take any special vitamins--have always taken a multivitamin.
  5. by   Anisettes
    I am very rarely sick, and I really mean rarely - I think I was last actually ill over 20 years ago with Strep and Bronchitis. Since then, little sniffle/head cold things and the occasional stomach upset from too much or too spicy food, but sick - no.

    Been a nurse for 20+ years, never took any special precautions other than handwashing, PPE, etc.. at work. As for lifestyle, I don't do anything special, I love junk food, never met an exercise I liked, rarely remember to take my vitamins, never drink water when there's a diet Dr. Pepper nearby. What can I say, I'm an anomaly. Oh, I forgot - I do get the flu shot every year.
  6. by   Tait
    Rarely ever sick.

    I take my vitamins like anyone else.

    I drink Coke.

  7. by   cardiacmadeline
    Never sick, get a bad cold maybe once a year, but that is about it. I don't recall ever having the flu in my life. I never get the flu shot either (I know that is really bad of me) I don't do much to keep healthy other than walk my dogs once or twice a day and very frequent handwashing at work. I am blessed with a great immune system!
  8. by   coffee4metech
    I get a head cold for like one or two days thats it the last time I was really sick when I was pregnant which was well over two years ago . I do HH with geriatric clients so I am extra careful because of there immune systems and they have the usual phobias . So I am extra mindful and handwashing and santizing and protecting myself as well.
  9. by   metal_m0nk
    Quote from Tait
    Rarely ever sick.

    I take my vitamins like anyone else.

    I drink Coke.

  10. by   nursej22
    For me, copious amounts of coffee :smilecoffeeIlovecof, but on a hot day it's tough to be beat a Coke!
    When I first applied to LPN school 25 years ago, they actually asked how prone I was to catching colds as did my physician on my required physical. Probably can't get away with that now.
    I think I have had the flu once in my life, and get a cold about every other year, less now that my kids are gone and not bringing home bugs from school.
    I do take a multivit when I remember, but can't say I do anything special.
  11. by   rockytopRN2b
    I am completely envious of all of you. I am sick constantly, courtesy of my kids.

    I can't tell you the last time I was actually the one to catch something and bring it home to the family...but the kids bring home germs from school and I catch everything they have going. Even with obsessive hand washing, etc. I carry bottles of hand sanitizer and wipes at home, my car, my purse...LOL

    I am really not looking forward to the kids going back to school next month. I've had a whole seven weeks off being sick while they've been on vacation.
  12. by   MedSurgeMess
    MVI, exercise, and any stress relieving activity I can think of. Very seldom sick.
  13. by   VivaLasViejas
    I suppose it depends on your perspective. Me, I don't consider myself "sick" unless I can't get my head OFF the pillow or OUT of the toilet.

    The last time I was actually ill was when I caught the flu in February of '07, despite having had the vaccine the previous fall. The time before that.........well, I don't even remember. I catch a mild cold maybe once a year and it's gone in 3-4 days. I take a multivitamin daily and eat a fairly good diet, but otherwise I think I stay well because I went through most of the viruses when I had young kids at home!
  14. by   leslie :-D
    i honestly cannot remember the last time i was sick.
    it has been many yrs.

    - i delight in my incredibly intimate relationship w/God.
    - daily chewable vitamin.
    - work out 3x/wk
    - refuse to sweat the small stuff
    - laugh/smile to extent possible
    - seldom eat junk foods (but do smoke)
    - count my blessings...even those in disguise
    - meditate

    honestly do not know if there is a correlation betw my habits and state of health, but clearly, something's at play here.