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I've been going to school on and off since I graduated high school in 2005. I finally finished all of my pre-req classes this last December at the community college. I also got my LPN in 2011. At the moment I am looking to get... Read More

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    Quote from PRNketamine
    I owe about 80. Sickening.
    If you don't mind me asking, do you afford your monthly payment alright? I may have between 50-80 in debt and I'm pretty worried about it.
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    $15,000 for my first degree, and $0 on my nursing because I got scholarships and worked through school. I've actually got excess
    scholarship money left over because I pay the tuition per semester out of pocket, and get reimbursed later in the semester with the scholarship money.

    Always, ALWAYS pay a trip to your scholarship office and put in applications for anything you qualify for, and talk to your financial aid counselor. Financial aid is great at carving out little schlarships of $1000-2000 here and there, and they add up.

    I've always been shocked by how many students in my program have never taken advantage of this, or thought writing one silly essay wasn't worth the thousands of dollars they could get for it. Sooo worth it.
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    I owe about 50K for my soon to be Masters which will most likely end up more toward 60K - this is a private school. As terrible as this may sound to some on here, I will start paying once I am done but the student loan will not be something that I will short my other obligations for..we too live at or below our means and if I can afford to add more to the monthly payment I will, if not, then the loan will be there for however long it takes me. Fortunately, we do not have any debt other than our mortgage and a car payment which will be paid off before the end of this year. I work part time at this point with the goal of going full time by fall. My spouse is in a career he loves but will never make a lot of money. I'm ok with that - I'd rather him be happy, us be able to own a home we can afford and enjoy life a little bit then to be a tied to a huge mortgage for a huge house or fancy car that we have to work M-F and then some to afford.
    I agree with a previous poster - something w/the student loan debt will have to give...with the economy as it is most students cannot afford to work/go to school or are not able to find a job that allows them to afford the daily living essentials and pay huge monthly student loan payments. From what I understand w/the new laws going into effect if a student pays as he/she should for 20 years the balance is forgiven. Something like that.
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    Paid my way through school with a $4/hr CNA job. ADN is a great bargain financially.
    With the push for BSN plus loan money being handed out like candy, I expect a lot more new nurses graduating with debt.
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    I got my first degree in flight school, so im a helicopter pilot, with a bachelors in aviation, but couldnt find a job so now im getting my accelerated BSN-MSN so for the first degree im in the hole 130k and this second degree will be about 70...

    200,000 of school debt. If i could make it into a house id be happy to pay this mortgage.

    When people talk about being in debt 30k or what not i just laugh because thats only one of my many loans i have. Out of state tuition, flight school and now my masters is horribly disgusting and depressing but theres not much i can do about it now except pay my minimums and hope for the 20 year forgiveness....on the plus side i have the most amazing credit score youve ever seen haha.
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    About 35k total but I've been paying for a year. Also 14k is my loans and the other is loans my dad took out for me that I promised he would never have to pay. I pay $450/month total every month.
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    I owe nothing on my Associate degree. I graduated in 2008 and had it paid off by early 2009. It was less than 5k. This is why I'm hesitant to go back for a BSN.
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    We paid off about 80k in 5 years, a bs and bsn for me, a ba for him. We used the snowball method a previous poster mentioned, lived WELL below our means, no going out to eat, no buying anything unless we could pay cash after the month was paid for. Unfortunately too many people get more in loans then what the job will pay and IMHO, that's just not a good idea. We follow Dave Ramsey, have no debt, so that helps as well. Main suggestion is to live well below yor means and pay as much as you can, and don't defer because then the interest will add up quickly.

    And for goodness sake, don't depend on government to help you pay for them, just don't take out more then you can afford!!!!
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    $0. I graduate in December with my BSN from a 4 year university. Entered the program straight from high school. I am so thankful that I have been able to pay myself through it.
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    I went part-time through pre-req's and paid out of pocket for anything my pell grant didn't cover and the school didn't give me a scholarship for. I found out my 1st semester of nursing classes that my dad having a purple heart got me another grant.
    After that, I got $$ back each semester b/w what I got from my pell, and what the government pays b/c I'm a child of a vet w/a purple heart.
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