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Last month I began work at a nursing home as an LPN. I've been called at home several times already asking if I'd go in and work another shift because they're short-staffed. Each time I have declined because I do not yet feel... Read More

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    shouldn't matter in theory but in reality i think it does. I think it hyou have to judge for yourself based on how where you work. some places you can do 35 hours of overtime a week and it is not appreciated and the constant call offs are still the crowned children of the facility. while in others they may think you are a great "team player" for constantly comming in.

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    interesting, anotherone. I can see how it's important to be seen as a team player but it's unfortunate that favoritism can come into play too.
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    I have found that if you start saying yes too much, they will start taking advantage of you. I was in a situation last year where I had some medical issues and they helped me out a lot with rearranging my shifts so I could go to appointments, be in the hospital, etc. So at first I felt like I "owed" them return favors and every time they called me to come in or asked me to stay late, I basically said yes even though it was a complete inconvenience for me. Now things have settled in my personal life, I haven't so much as asked them for a favor in almost a year and I still get called all the time asking me to do things for them but basically not offering anything in return. Asking me to work Sunday night instead of Monday day during a week that I'm on days has nothing in it for me. If I do it, I don't even get a "thank you" or a "good morning" from the powers that be when they come in in the morning. So that, coupled with the fact that I'm now being treated poorly because I asked if my coworkers and I were going to get paid for the extra hour of the fall-back night (apparently you are supposed to just grin, bear it and feel lucky that you work for the hospital rather than asking if you are going to be paid for the hours that you worked) are making me not want to do them any favors ever again.

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