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Med/Surg, Surgical PCU, Operating Room
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I graduated with my ADN on December 16th, 2008! Took NCLEX Feb. 3rd, 2009 and passed with 75, whoo hoo! Received my BSN in 2012. Worked on a busy Med/Surg unit @ the local hospital for 1 year as a staff nurse, then transferred to the Surgical PCU where I worked as a staff nurse, relief charge nurse, and new employee preceptor for 6.5 years. I then joined 3 other floor nurses in becoming an intern in our hospital's pilot PeriOp 101 program called the ORNIP (OR Nurse Internship Program). I'm excited to join this exciting and challenging specialty. I am LOVING it. OR ROCKS!!!

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    What Do Operating Room Nurses Do?

    Hmm but a mother or wife cannot be in the operating room with a patient as they are going to sleep. This is a scary and foreign experience for people. I'm there to ensure their safety and comfort.
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    What Do Operating Room Nurses Do?

    Umm.... really?