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Med/Surg, Surgical PCU, Operating Room
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SQueenRN has 8 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg, Surgical PCU, Operating Room.

I graduated with my ADN on December 16th, 2008! Took NCLEX Feb. 3rd, 2009 and passed with 75, whoo hoo! Received my BSN in 2012. Worked on a busy Med/Surg unit @ the local hospital for 1 year as a staff nurse, then transferred to the Surgical PCU where I worked as a staff nurse, relief charge nurse, and new employee preceptor for 6.5 years. I then joined 3 other floor nurses in becoming an intern in our hospital's pilot PeriOp 101 program called the ORNIP (OR Nurse Internship Program). I'm excited to join this exciting and challenging specialty. I am LOVING it. OR ROCKS!!!

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  1. SQueenRN

    Med/Surg to OR? Help!

    I worked night shift(7p-7a) for 8 years on the floor and moved to the OR 2 years ago. BEST THING I EVER DID FOR MY CAREER!!! OR nursing is the best kept secret of hospital nursing.
  2. SQueenRN

    Engagement Rings in the O.R.

    I leave my rings at home.
  3. SQueenRN

    step down RN offered OR position

    I worked as a floor nurse for 8 years before going to the OR and i will NEVER look back! I love the OR so much! yes, sometimes it's stressful but it's ONE PATIENT AT A TIME!!!! I feel like OR nursing is the hospital's best kept secret
  4. SQueenRN

    Nurses Week/Hospital Week

    I honestly thought my hospital made up "hospital week" but i just googled it and it's a real thing!!! wow. our hospital has a banner by the entrance for CRNA week, doctor's day, lab tech day etc. but there was NO BANNER for nurse's week!! just some "hospital week" events. nothing to honor the nurses. sad.
  5. SQueenRN

    Robotics or Cardiothoracic

    So what did you Pick? One specialty is so limiting. Yes, it's important to know one service really well but it's even more important to be able to do everything in the OR.
  6. SQueenRN

    On-call criteria for Surgery nurses

    We all have to take turns being on call. Some people will offer to take your call because they need money.
  7. SQueenRN

    Instrument count question

    You were correct. The scrub was wrong. Everything on their back table is counted. Why was it on their table if they "won't use anything from the lap chole tray"?
  8. SQueenRN

    NCLEX Resource Review - Kaplan, Hurst, UWorld

    The HURST live review was the best thing I ever did. Passed NCLEX in 75 questions in Feb. 2009 and couldn't have done it without Hurst!
  9. SQueenRN

    Help? types of acetabular cup?

    I'm sure the reps could provide you some education. The reps at my job rock!!
  10. SQueenRN

    New to the OR, culture challenges

    You've only been an OR nurse for 4 months! Give it time. The gossip kinda happens everywhere, you can choose to feed in to it or not. I have been an RN for almost 8 years (worked med/surg one year and Surgical PCU for 6) but have been in the OR 13 months now and loooooove it. Couldn't pay me to go back to the floor. I learn sooooo much everyday and it's so interesting. My passion for nursing is back! My job is so badass and I'm super proud of it. There are so many specialties, new procedures, always music, never boring! Just be as positive as you can be and rise above the gossip. Our OR does work like a team, we're family. We have each other's back. Of course there are a few that try to avoid doing any "work" like the plague but majority are hard workers. If you love working with the kids then keep at It! We are blessed to have a job that we love.
  11. SQueenRN

    Favorite OR specialties

    I love General and Vascular!
  12. SQueenRN

    Did I do the right thing??

    I'm curious why an ENT doc was doing a scalp lesion excision?
  13. SQueenRN

    Question for OR nurses with hand eczema

    Scrubbing, yes. Circulating, no.
  14. SQueenRN

    Question for OR nurses with hand eczema

    We wear sterile gloves during surgical prep. Definitely for a few minutes.
  15. SQueenRN

    Resources for the OR ?

    ORNurselink.org is AORNs online community.
  16. SQueenRN

    AORN conference 2017

    I won a grant to attend, otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford it. You're not allowed to take time off?

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