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  1. by   fungez
    Who is JC? I thought this was a Quint Studer thing.
  2. by   IHeartPeds87
    i'm sorry, what are tracers??
  3. by   Redhead28
    I think it is actually a JCAHO mandate that hospitals show that patient's are being rounded on hourly. For the 5P's. We all know that JCAHO has more time and stupid idea's then anyone else. I've always checked on my patient's at least hourly and keep track of it on my worksheet. It does help lower the amount of call lights, my patient's know I'm coming back in so they hold off calling for water refill etc. What I hate is when you have been in the room every hour for 10 hours, your name is on the board and the patient still tells their family that they have not seen their nurse all day. When I get that complaint I go into the room and say to the patient your "family says you've not seen me all day?" Didn't we talk about such and such" It usually stops that complaint cold.
  4. by   Batman25
    Just another thing that some mindless troll who doesn't even work in the field came up with. It's a waste of time, money, and paper. You document in the chart when you go in the room so this is just more busy work that serves no purpose or function.
  5. by   canoehead
    Quote from TigerGalLE
    I used to work at a hospital where they matched what time your tracer said you were in the room to what time you signed the hourly round sheet. If the times did not match you were written up.
    Whoever spent their days matching tracer times and sign off times has the second most boring, useless job in the world. I'd say their boss would come in as the most useless employee, imo.
  6. by   nicole109
    It does have something to do with JCAHO, and I do think it's crap...but here's what I think is even more crap! Aside from the fact that they don't go into patient charts, because they can't become a part of the hospital record...I actually had my job threatened because I refused to sign the sheet if I wasn't in the patients room! Imagine that?! We had to split our rounds, nurses did even hours and techs did odd hours, but if I had to give my meds that day on the odd hours, then I would ask my tech for that room to switch times. So, if an hour got missed, then the managers would come to us, usually weeks or months later and want us to fill in a time and sign the sheet...and I refused to do it...because 1st I think the sheets are a waste of time! and 2nd, because I honestly don't remember what the hell I was doing yesterday, let alone whose room I was in at what time a month ago, I'm not putting my signature on that paper! So, they started writing me up, saying that I was REFUSING to do my service rounding. I so wish for the days where we earned a paycheck for taking care of patients, instead of being human doormats in the evolving political hospital mess!
  7. by   onetiredmomma
    Ah,yes Jacho...a group of people who don't know my job telling me how to do my job. We also fill out a "hand off" sheet when a pt goes to radiology...it too is thrown away so if something comes up later, there is no documentation to assist with figuring out an incident
  8. by   Sun0408
    I am so glad I am not alone in the hourly rounds mess. I am in my pts rooms all the time doing meds, dressing changes, bathrooms visits, giving ice or and extra blanket etc.. Before I am done in that room another call light is going off. So off I go, did I sign..umm no too busy with pt care!!!! 7 pts a night on a busy renal floor, I really do have more important things to do.
  9. by   Healsalot
    I was on a unit about 2 years ago that tried that same thing. I felt it was condesending, and I never once signed the sheet. Just continued on with my work. Nobody ever said anything to me, and they mysteriously disappeared without a word or a trace not long after their introduction. It's stuff like this that contributes to my love/hate relationship with this profession.
  10. by   zofran
    Yeah, the hospital where I work has the hourly rounding papers taped to the inside of the pts doors too.
    I made the decision to just quit signing them, I have not put my initials on one of those things for about two months now. They are absoutely stupid and pointless. Nothing has been said to me yet. I have also quit documenting the blood glucose levels in the three different places they want us to.....this is in addition to the blood glucose level being documented in the computer by the phlebotimist who is taking it. Nothing has been said to me about this either. I honestly just don't care anymore.....I will let you all know if I get written up or something. I highly doubt I will though...management is just glad they have a warm body to fill in their staffing holes nowdays.
  11. by   fungez
    I don't sign them either. I "forget." And if we all forgot, they'd have to dispense with them.
  12. by   cardiacmadeline
    We are supposed to do hourly rounding too. I ignore it and check on my patients as I feel is necessary. For example, a 23 year old with no tubes, no IV's, up ad lib and who is perfectly capable of using the call light to ask for pain meds, does not need me in the room every hour asking him if he needs to go potty. Now if I have a confused elderly patient with tubes, of course I will check on them more often.

    I really do hate being treated as a customer service rep.
  13. by   Mollypita
    I feel your pain!! They are so absurd... not to mention the script about "excellent care" that was supposed to go with them (which we've all basically ignored at my hospital). Frankly, I think it's insulting to us and the patients too. Does administration really think that patient satisfaction would go up if we all sounded like a bunch of scripted phonies?? Please!