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  1. Redhead28

    Refusing unsafe workload?

    I'm speechless. I've only ever worked in hospitals, so I never knew that you could assign that many residents to one nurse. What happens in the event of a fire? I would look for a new place to work.
  2. Redhead28

    I feel like a jerk!

    She has a right to be upset. You have a right to change positions and support your family. Ethically you gave her a two week notice. If she waves that 2 weeks it is up to her and you've fulfilled your obligation.
  3. Redhead28

    Foleys and tampons?

    This was obviously ordered for several reasons. You lower the risk of infection by keeping the area clean. Patient more comfortable by not requiring frequent cleaning of a burned area. I'm shocked by people that are suppose to be in the caring field not realizing why this would be ordered? I would prefer changing a tampon to disimpacting a megacolon....
  4. Redhead28

    Alzheimer's: You Might Have A Problem If . . . .

    Atomic woman, I lost my father in 2001 to complications of Alzheimers. We as his children chose to not put a feeding tube into a man that had served in the military through three wars. This proud man had to surrender his keys to his kids 5 years earlier even though he had been a truck driver for 20 years. He had to have his daughter change his depends. No, we are not laughing at the disease that has struck all of us, we are coping.
  5. Redhead28

    Dear nurses, I need some advice!

    Different strokes for different folks. Not every nurse has to work in a hospital. How about public health? Research? Case Management? Clinic? School?
  6. Redhead28

    Alzheimer's: You Might Have A Problem If . . . .

    My Dad died in 2001 after a 7 year battle with Alzhiemers. My sister caught him one time making plans to escape her house with his "friend" the vacuum! He asked for a pocket knife for Christmas, had to remind my sister to not give weapons to Alzhiemers patients. Was once featured on "Cops" as a man in a Korean Vet hat lost at the 7-11, one block from home. Funny now, not so funny then. I pointed my car keys at the TV and kept trying to turn on the TV. I'm worried.
  7. Redhead28

    Nursing and sexual orientation

    I've worked in hospitals for over 14 years now. 3 different places. I would say as a whole healthcare is a tolerant profession. Two of the hospitals have offered insurance and benefits for same sex partners. My youngest son is gay. I am open about my son and his partner, who I love like he was my own son. It twists my heart to think of the ignorant remarks and discrimination I know he must face in his life. Who would "choose" to be treated poorly is my answer to the ignorant people that still think sexual orientation is a choice.
  8. Redhead28

    Needing an honest answer

    Hate to disagree with you but this is not entirely true. "Superman" had all the money in the world and still ended up dying d/t overwhelming sepsis caused by an ulcer. Your patient needs wound care, not necessarily an acute admission to a hospital. Many treatments can be done outpatient but your patient must be willing to change his routine.
  9. Redhead28

    Needing an honest answer

    Is this my mother?
  10. Redhead28

    Pre-Employment Physical Exams

    As most have said previously the "physical" usually consists of health hx, vaccination verification, tb test, drug screen and N95 fitting. I have been through several and they are all some variation of the above. If you do not have proof of vaccinations they will draw titers. Interesting enough now they are including flu vaccine on start of job. Being a nurse you know that they need to make sure that the public is safe from us carrying disease and they also wish to protect us from the public. Explain your fear to the person performing the tests they may be able to limit the amount of invasive procedures. i.e. flu vaccine can be given intranasally.
  11. Redhead28

    Charting... tips

    I'm old fashioned in the fact that I believe in writing notes. I know that the new thinking is charting by exception but this tells you nothing if you have to go to court 20 years from now. I work pediatrics and the "pt" the child can go to court until they turn 21. Your charting should tell the story of the day... So my first note usually starts... Assumed patient care,.
  12. Redhead28

    Funny doctor orders

    Had a kid that consistently failed room air trials and could not get weaned from 02. Doctor wrote "Give next dose of prednisone to oximetry machine, as child is pink and without s/s of distress."
  13. Redhead28


    It depends on the company that is issuing the certification. I have mine through ANCC. It requires a BSN, so many hours working in the area and so many hours of education. On original application you always have to take the certification test. It usually costs around 400.00 and renews every 5 years.
  14. Redhead28

    why is the pay so low?!?!

    Want to know the sad thing? I have a BSN and a Certification. 14 years of experience. My son with no college makes twice the amount I do, working in the oilfield.
  15. Redhead28

    to any/all fellow nurses--please help! :)

    I would go into the administrator's office and demand a proper orientation period. If they are unwilling or unable to orient you to all of your duties, I would resign. They are looking for an office manager and a nurse but only willing to pay for a one, and not very much (I assume).