HELP!! this might as well had been a MED ERROR!!!

  1. 0 I just realized that I sent out a bunch of cover letters dated '2010'. Should I re-send corrected copies to all of the potential employers??
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    I would not compare this to a med error ! There are some people that have committed med errors and wish all they did was put the wrong date on something.

    Anyway, its really not a big deal. Just resend them with the right date.... Good luck
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    Yes I did this once, attached an old cover letter instead of the new one.
    Re-send them all TODAY. Just email them and apologise and re-send all the documents. I did this and the employer was very happy to comply. Just don't leave it.
    It is easy to do when you are busy/stressed/tired/fogged out from lack of sleep
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    Imagine my horror when I forgot to change the hospital name on my cover letter! hahahahaha. Please. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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    Not remotely on par with a med error.
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    I just started leaving it off...after putting in a million a day it gets really old going back and changing the hospital name every time... or maybe I'm just getting more cynical by thinking "what does it matter anyway..." lol
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    I would just leave it as is for the ones already sent out. Chances are they may not even notice it. If you send corrections you are bringing it to their attention.
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    Quote from Mommy TeleRN
    I would just leave it as is for the ones already sent out. Chances are they may not even notice it. If you send corrections you are bringing it to their attention.
    Hmm good point

    To the OP, send them out anyway- you never want to wonder, if that would have made a difference.
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    Have you ever *made* a med error? This is no where close...chill, hang loose, and either resend them with the right date or don't worry about it...people write the wrong dates all the worries, eh?
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    I think the REAL question here is whether or not hiring managers even look at cover letters closely enough to see a date error.

    Even if they do, it's not a big deal at all. RELAX!
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    Cover letters are never read..
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    OR, you could just leave it be and if someone points it out, exclaim, "Well FINALLY!!! I dated the letters with the wrong date to see if anyone has the same attention to detail that is expected of nurses in regards to charting! Whew! I thought I would never get a response from this experiment! Since you caught it, I know that your hospital employs staff with meticulous attention to detail, and I want to work for a hospital with high standards. THANKS for catching it!"

    How funny would that be?!?
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