Have U ever left a job after a short Period? Why?

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    Just curious. What is ur shortest length of stay at a job and why did u leave?:typing

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    I feel it is accept to leave within the 90 days when employers and employees can leacve with little questions asked. The main reason to leave would be it wasn't a good fit.
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    I had just finished my 12 week floor/classroom orientation. I was started on nights, the drive was 1.5 hours away and I could not stay awake to drive home. There were EIGHT day shift positions open at the time, no one on nights wanted to move to days and my manager refused to let me move to days. I quit on the spot - my life and family were FAR more important than a job. This was 2 years ago and it has never impacted me or a job since.
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    I left a job after 13 weeks. I was miserable and I thot it was something I wanted. It took me a while to make the decision but staying there made me miserable. Im glad I made the decision to leave
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    a day and a half.
    it was that bad.
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    a lot of nurses will submit resumes to several different facilities and will accept one when another place calls with an offer that is closer to home, or on a floor that the nurse prefers, better pay, better shift etc

    it is better for the nurse and the current facility to make a graceful exit before more time and money in orientation is made
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    Let go by the Border Patrol after 3 days of training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Facility in Glynco, Georgia. I swear, I did not know that gun was loaded! Just kidding. Turned out that I had a Secret Service File. A couple of years before Hillary Clinton had called me a butthole at a rally and one of her Secret Service detail asked me for my ID. He wrote down my name and ran it later. When this is done, a file is automatically created.
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    I've been a nurse 15 years....longest nursing job, 7 years which I was just plain sick of. Shortest job, 10 months...moved on to a better job . Im at my current job 18 months, and at this point I like it so much they will have to take me out feet first.
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    For nursing- I started in June and left in March. I was trying my best to get on days so I could see my family. I was told over and over again there were no day shift positions. Somehow, somewhere, someone pulled a day shift position out of someones butt (nice considering she was the sister of one of our managers) for another nurse transfering from another floor.
    I rarely got off work on time, was often forgotten about- dinner, breaks (HA) or even shift relief.
    The kicker (I was already leaving by this point and had put in request to go prn, later left all together) was when I had a vertigo attack and couldn't go home. I could barely stand!
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    One day.. and it was definitely that bad, as a first year student nurse I was put in an ICU setting with three patients supposedly to observe but the resident I was with left.

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