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  1. RNBSNMe

    Biopatch use...

    Washington, DC
  2. I say take the recruiting job..your health comes first!
  3. RNBSNMe

    what is the best/worst specialty docs to work with...

    The cardiologists I know are rude and have awful bedside manners.
  4. RNBSNMe

    I love nursing.. not sure if nursing loves me

    No comment!
  5. RNBSNMe

    11 Things Your Nurse Thinks (But Will Never Tell You)

    Id love to say a whole lot worse to some patients and some family members but the professional in me just shuts up and smiles...Gosh how i so wish!!!!!
  6. I was a CNA for almost 4+ years while taking prerequisites for nursing school and while in nursing.. it taught me a lot, i got to work in the ltc and hospital setting and my schedule was very flexible..the pay was pretty good too...
  7. Im very sure its not true . If not... this needs to be investigated.
  8. RNBSNMe

    Just signed up for a CNA class!

    Yay! Congrats!!!
  9. RNBSNMe

    Should I be a CNA -- I'm 44yrs old!!! Is it too late for me?

    Redcross and Community colleges offer CNA classes..U dont need college credits to get in. You can be whatever u want to be as long as u are determined to do it regardless of age ...........Best wishes!
  10. RNBSNMe

    How to administer morphine via IV

    U just push it in slowly... Some people dilute it with NS ..maybe about 2 ml and attach it to the secondary port ( piggyback) on the iv pump and set it infuse in 2-3 mins.. ... Providing there is a Primary port infusing with NS or something like ...
  11. RNBSNMe

    How to quit an agency?

    Just call them up today and say u are resigning effectively NOW!!! Hey.. good thing is that it is an agency so as long as u are SURE you will not need them again...just quit now! Just make sure u dont use them as a reference. END OF STORY!
  12. RNBSNMe

    How often do you draw Troponins at your hospital?

    Its Q 4h rs x 3 and if it still trends up u continue to draw it till it trends down...it becomes q 8 hours..
  13. RNBSNMe

    Attitudes towards LPN's

    I think it is unfair to generalize. Ive worked with some LPN's that are great and know a lot more than RN's. If that is what you can do right now, I say go for the LPN. When u do graduate..u are a nurse regardless of being an LPN or an RN. Good luck
  14. RNBSNMe

    Leaving ICU to Where?????

    My friend left a community hospital ICU for an IMC in a large teaching hospital .She loves it!