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I wanted to be an RN so bad. But after 6 years working as an LPN I have decided not to pursue it any further. I still believe it is a self-less profession in which you have to care for humanity to be in it. I am just so hurt... Read More

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    I agree with those that suggest a facility change. Remember what drew you to nursing and try to be an advocate for change! It sounds like the pts need you!

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    Quote from nursingforever35
    Thank you to each of you that have replied to my thread. I have a degree in another field that I felt dissatisfaction in at the time. I do not mean to jump around within careers but I find I have a certain standards I live by. I have to be happy with what I am doing even if it pays the bills. There are a combination of reasons upon why I do not wish to go any further with a higher degree in nursing.The first reason is I live in an area that is subsceptible to Hurricanes. It has caused so much upheaval and stress within my life I simply cannot tell you. Also, I feel that the facility I am currently at is not staffed properly. Also, if it is staffed well the people are not delivering the type of care they should. I have had to be nurse and CNA. I think this is difficult. I feel like why dont they care if these elderly people call for assist. I think I am miserable right now. I feel disillusioned. I want the people I work with to answer call lights-dont ignore them. Listen to the needs of the individuals within this setting. I think I want to work in a setting in which others share my ideas and beliefs upon caring for older people. If this does not occur, I want out of this profession.
    I can identify with your feelings. It is hard to watch people that do not care, because one day, this may be me or my loved ones in the hospital facing these same inconsiderations and that scares me immensely. At this stage in my life, I am not sure that being an RN, an administrator or anything else can change people. All you can do is your best, no matter what the title is. We can't change others, but we can change our perspective on how we deal with these things we disagree with. I had to, and I feel a bit better.

    I agree with the others...you should start searching for a new position. Not all places are this way, or at least, there may be more people that agree with your practice than disagree.
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