Happy Thanksgiving to all! Reason to be thankful: I am not a nurse anymore!

  1. 23 Hi all,

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    This year is special because I have something really special to be thankful for! I do not have to work as a nurse anymore! Which means I no longer have to:

    1) Listen to patients complain because they have had their cold symptoms for more than two days and they just cannot wait in the ER waiting room!

    2) Listen to thankless patients yell and belittle me becuase they are sick of waiting for the doctor to come in to see them, and then watch as they treat the doctor with the respect that I deserve for ordering all of thier lab and radiology exams while they were waiting to see that doctor!!

    3) Wait hand and foot on patient's who have been in the ER for 10 minutes and just need to eat right now! There abdominal pain is just that terrible!

    4) Hold my bladder until it is ready to explode!

    5) Eat lunch AND dinner at the end of my 12 hour shift that I haven't had a break on, while I am forced to feed patients that have been in the department for 10 minutes!

    6) Listen to other nurses put a guilt trip on me when I demmand a break!

    7) Hear about the negative comments that other nurses have said to a preceptee about how bad of a preceptor I will be, but I am only a preceptor "becuase management loves me and thats the only reason I got employee of the month too".

    8) Hear that a charge nurse complained that I only take sick kids that require 1:1 care becuase I do not like to work. We all know critically ill children are no work at all, you just stand there and twidle your thumbs! This same charge nurse is the first to run and get me when a sick kid comes in and assign it to me!

    9) Watch patient's suffer for 2-3 hours with pain and/or nausea/vomiting becuase we are so overwhelmed with patients and god forbid the doctors see patients in a timely manner. The same doctors that refuse to put some medications in our order sets!

    10) No longer getting hit, spit at, and verbally abused by any patients, especially psychiatric patients!

    11) No longer have to worry about the medical patient I am neglecting because the psychiatric patient who comes in every other day is acting out because they suddenly need a sandwich, a cigarrette, a shower, and medication for their anxiety!

    12) No longer have to do rape kits, something I was never trained in as a nurse, god forbid we skip the magnet crap and put the money towards SANE nurses so that someone who has some forensic training can do an exam that SHOULD REQUIRE someone with forensics training!

    Last, but not least, I could continue with this list, but it would go on for days. I no longer have to be tired and miserable all the time and I no longer have to dread the very thought of going to work!!!

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    So as a paramedic you don't have to deal with any of this? I agree a lot of it sucks! but you still will have psych patients and have a lot less help--though you do have the cops. But you will still get kicked and spit at and all that.
    I am glad for you that you found a job that you are happy at. I understand wanting to be doing something that makes me happy and that I don't hate going to. Gotta do what is best for you. Too bad they can't make some changes to the hospital so that nursing isn't so miserble and overworked.
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    You don't seem like a very "happy" paramedic RN...
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    So what are you doing now?
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    I am happy that you are happy! I hope you have already found a profession you are passionate about! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and Happy Holidays!
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    Kudos all the way! I'm just happy that YOU are happy! It's great that you aren't living in denial and won't settle for less
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    Thanks for sharing op

    You still have an attraction to this site

    What's the draw for you since you have aquired a bad taste for being a nurse

    Happy turkey day
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    I envy you; best of luck and hope there are many happy days ahead!
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    I enjoyed reading your post best of luck.
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    Kudos to you...you said it like it is!

    Soon to be ex- ER Nurse!
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    Do what makes you happy!!!
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    I'm glad you've had a burden of a job you didn't like lifted, life is too short to be unhappy
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    Ever thought of just leaving the ER?
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