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  1. -nurse-


    Seems like experienced nurses are no longer immune to the shortage of nurse openings either
  2. LOL! I think many people can relate to that. :)
  3. So does everyone think that nursing gets better after the 1st year? Does the cattiness and all of that nonsense die down? For those who are fairly quiet/shy/keep to themselves (at all costs), were you able to avoid the ugliness this field has to offer at times? Obviously not completely..but most of it?
  4. -nurse-

    No Jobs for New RNs, RN Job Shortage

    Not to be rude, but how can you honestly say that it's the best decision that you have ever made? I would wait to bank on that. To the OP, awesome post. I have been stressing the same point to so many of my friends who are pestering me about going into nursing. Most want quick/easy money and don't even realize what they are getting themselves into.
  5. -nurse-

    Student Mistreatment

    I agree. People shouldn't have to suck it up, but nursing conditions people to accept the abuse. I wish everyone had the chance to experience a program like yours. I have no idea what it is about nursing, but I can relate a LOT to what the OP wrote on here. It seems so common.
  6. I was passionate about nursing. My family has stuff I used to write, as a child, stating how I would grow up to be a nurse. "Their spot is taken by people who change their minds". Uhm no, that's not quite how it works. Spots are taken by the "cream of the crop" per se. I know this is a joke, of course, after interacting with most of my nursing class. I don't really think anyone can realize, beforehand, how miserable nursing school or the nursing field may be. I loved the actual learning, loved patients, and don't even mind the hard work. It's the abuse, disorganization, corruption, bullying, and harassment (by STAFF & classmates), that can make it horrible. To be honest with you, the people who made the experience terrible were the ones who were there "just for the money". I know this isn't always the case, but misery loves company, and these people were MISERABLE in the program and took it out on everyone else. Staff does nothing and instructors join in on it. It's really quite sad.
  7. -nurse-

    Bitterness At Work

    While I have experienced a little of this in every kind of work environment, I have observed this happening the most in nursing. It's a shame!
  8. -nurse-

    Coworker issues - so disheartening

    I agree that this is how people are...but it definitely is not worse in other fields. To be honest, I thought I was going to read something worse. Whatever you do, don't let people start stepping all over you. Good Luck
  9. -nurse-

    Where would your least favorite area to work be?

    I haven't voted on this poll, but I have to say that I am really surprised that LTC & Psych are so undesirable! Can anyone tell me why it seems like such a large proportion of nurses aren't so crazy about those?
  10. -nurse-

    Student Loans: When is too much?

    I wouldn't pay more than $50,000 to reach my BSN.
  11. -nurse-

    Can someone proofread my resume please?

    Show off their accomplishments? Are you serious pre-nursing student? How incredibly immature and jealous of you. To the OP. I would be glad to edit your resume if you need help. :)
  12. Geesh, I thought this was just my nursing program! Seriously, though, I am learning that this is somewhat a common experience. It's a little scary to see these kinds of trends so early on. I am not sure if I want to further my education in nursing, at this point. Truthfully, I wish I would have gone for a different major, straight out of high school, and I would be finished/working at this point. Now I have a nursing degree and there aren't any jobs!
  13. Yikes...5 days doesn't seem like a lot. It generally takes someone a week to recover from the flu. I know most people get 5-6, but it's just something I thought twice about, as we are nurses and going back into the field to care FOR sick people. Ironic. Yet sad.
  14. What field do you think you want to go into?
  15. when someone comes home to announce, for example, an award that they earned, do you one up them? where's the courtesy? it's not really hard to read in between the lines. i have seen you reply this way to many people who so much as peep about their dislike for nursing or what goes on in nursing. that says a lot, because i am fairly new on the forum. just because you have supposedly had these experiences, doesn't mean it's like that for everyone. i still look forward to reading your posts. take care