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full time RN nursing student (ASN)

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  1. meatbun66

    What does a pre-nursing student want for Xmas?

    He He He! This is a great post! As a nursing student, I asked Santa for a brand new book tote. I guess my husband intercepted my letter to Santa and he bought it for me to use for next semester: http://musthavecute.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/hello-kitty-hamburger-bag.jpg?w=500&h=483 Other than that, new clothes for my Cabbage Patch Kid doll (I know...don't laugh).
  2. meatbun66

    How are you going to spend your Thanksgiving break?

    My husband and I are spending Thanksgiving with my parents. I am so full and right now sick of ham.
  3. I am happy that you are happy! I hope you have already found a profession you are passionate about! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and Happy Holidays!
  4. meatbun66

    Tidewater Community College May 2010 acceptance letters?

    @ASullivan757: I was so shocked to hear that you are not going to pursue nursing, but I can understand. Well, I hope you find a career you will be happy in! Thank you for posting all of your tips and comments here!