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I have seen some pretty questionable activity by patients, but this one got me. It also got me wondering: What other disgusting things do patients do? I had a patient with a large pannus riddled... Read More

  1. by   bluehealer
    I once had a patient who... not sure if he really needed to do this or not. By looks of it, did not need to...anyways, was used to literally picking his own feces out. He asked for help and instead of having a normal BM, would reach down and pick his own feces out. And then throw it in a bedpan. Bare handed. He reached down, picked it up, then threw it in the bed pan. Stool was wel formed and appeared to be moist. Not the typical stool thats impacted...He was a normal dude too... wasn't my patient and it was during a rotation. So I didn't follow up or find out... situation or background, but wow...
  2. by   nursebey
    No no no! OMG no. Disgusting. Having worked a behavioral/psych unit I can relate to the crazy things they do, but no. Oh no. Barf.Gag. I would have needed a shower after that. I literally gagged and put my one hand over my stomach and the other over my mouth.
  3. by   LadysSolo
    Okay, the trach sucker is truly the grossest thing I have ever heard of, and the yeast is #2. My grossest story is the patient I had one night who dug herself out (BM) and proceeded to fingerpaint the wall above her bed with the feces. Took her all night, but she got the wall covered (everything she could reach. No we couldn't get her to stop.) And congratulations to the trach sucker story author, I have been a nurse for 35 years, and that one is a CLEAR winner!
  4. by   latisaclark
    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit
  5. by   ThatChickOmi
    Quote from TheMoonisMyLantern
    During my first year as a nurse I admitted a female patient with a history severe mental illness to a med/surg floor. They had ordered a Foley cath to be inserted and as I was cleaning her peri area I noticed something protruding from her vagina. I removed what appeared to be a partially eaten bologna sandwich and it had been down there for a while, the stench was horrendous. I asked the patient why she had placed it there and she told me matter of fact, "To keep it warm for later."

    I about lost my lunch.
    HAHAHAHA whoah.
  6. by   jaderook01
    Quote from cardiacfreak
    I think I took care of the same patient!
  7. by   nursebey
    me too. walked in on a 3some working the behavioral unit. male and female vistor came in, didnt think anything of it. go in the room just to check on the patient and make sure everyone was on the bed bucknaked with the female visitor and the male vistor I'll just say was enjoying the 2 for 1.
  8. by   NGYSUN
    Quote from IrishCMSRN
    I had a patient that felt it was necessary to masturbate while attached to a cardiac monitor. ....His HR alarms started alerting on the nurses station screen and several nurses ran in to find the sheets flapping away!!!

    Had exact same happen a few months ago.
  9. by   Lady_Leijing
    Can't beat the trach one. I saw a nasty clump of phlegm come out of someone's bipap mask, but that wasn't his fault...

    When I worked on a surgical unit, we once had what I called a "poo-nami" because it looked like a tidal wave of diarrhea hit that side of the room. The patient insisted that she was constipated and demanded that the doctor give her a laxative. Evidently she was insistent enough that our usual of Colace BID and milk of mag wasn't enough. Doctor put her on Lactulose q6h. She was alert and oriented, but we didn't realize her call light was malfunctioning. It didn't go off when she called to let us know she needed to get up and go. When we didn't get in there quick enough to intervene, she lifted up a hip and let 'er fly. We discovered this because the door was open, and my CNA was walking by to check on patients. She did a double-take and beckoned me over with a look of sheer horror. Liquid stool was running off the sides of the mattress and pooling on the floor beside and beneath the bed. We had to put down towels just to get to the patient to get her cleaned up and sitting on the bedside commode; she went more while she was cleaning up her bed... and the floor... and the IV pole.
  10. by   Kroov
    I work as an RN in the ER and we had a patient present with psychosis. We asked her for a urine sample, and when I went to collect it from her she looked me in the eye and drank about 300ml of it from the dish.
    The only thing she said was 'Should I not have done that?', with a big smile on her face.

    Then about 30 minutes later, I heard her shouting 'Nurse! Nurse!'. She had tried to pull one of her toenails clean off.
    I then had to pull the remainder of the nail off for her as it was hanging by a thread.

    Psych seen her soon after and said, this is how she normally is, and she made her way home.
  11. by   nursemols
    Recently had a pt admitted for svt and cdiff. Patient is known drug user and upon admission did not test positive for anything out of the ordinary. Two nights later I witnessed some weird behavior and md order a drug screen which tested positive for benzos. For the life of us all we couldn't figure out where she got the benzo from. Nothing she was currently taken was not known to cause a false positive either. We looked all over the room nothing. A few hours later in a bout of diarrhea pt passed a small travel bottle size with xanax in it..pretty gross but it explained the positive benzo test
  12. by   rianne_w
  13. by   ConfusedSLPorMPH
    Wow, reading some of these makes me think all I need to do is read these the next time I want to reach for something to eat when I am eating out of boredom! It sure does take away any craving for food that I may have!

Gross Things Patients Do