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  1. jaderook01

    Those parents who believe everything their kids say

    OP: But the satisfaction of having excellent documentation does help in these situations. I will never forget this incident during my first year of teaching on parent/teacher conference day. We usually had team conferences. Individual conferences occurred only if there was a specific issue to be addressed. One of the teachers on my team had taught for thirty years and was planning on retiring at the end of the year. The parent said, and this is a direct quote, "I know my baby lies but I have to believe her anyway." She then turned and looked directly at this older teacher. "I don't blame her 'cause I didn't like you when you was my teacher either." This is what anyone that deals with other people's children has to put up with in today's world. I'm sorry you know this frustration first-hand.
  2. jaderook01

    Did this patient overreact?!

    This type of argument is called a non sequitur. What it means is that your conclusion that she shouldn't be embarrassed does not logically follow from the argument that she has had her genitals exposed before due to having children. Past that, I think your male colleague, even if he did not intentionally mean to do anything wrong, made a lot of mistakes here. Considering everything you've posted, the patient is not over-reacting. Personally, if that had happened to me, and I had been the patient, I'd be upset too.
  3. jaderook01

    Lost 15 yrs of Senority by changing departments

  4. Came here to say pretty much the same thing, but you beat me to it. The only thing I disagree with (as someone who taught middle school for fourteen years) is that nursing is harder/more exhausting. It's exhausting and stressful in a different way than teaching.
  5. jaderook01

    How Much Junk do you Keep?

    That's impressive. Life goals, right there. I recently purged a ton of stuff. I half-@$$ed the Konmari thing. I completely purged all of my teaching stuff- but somehow convinced myself to hold on to a few nursing textbooks. I may have to rethink that.
  6. jaderook01

    Patient rights an privacy bathroom

    It's rare when I have patients that can walk without assistance to the bathroom. Most of ours either use bedside commodes, bedpans, or are incontinent. If they are a falls risk (and can actually walk), then they are escorted to the bathroom, the door remains open and someone is hovering around in the room, waiting for them to finish. The types I get usually need help being cleaned up after anyway. After having a patient code in the bathroom (one that was being discharged), I don't take chances.
  7. jaderook01

    "My doctor told me..."

    Oh, my word. Having been present when doctors talk to patients, I'm going with they misunderstood what the doctor told them.
  8. jaderook01

    Struggling, am I a crappy nurse?

    It's not you. It was their time. I'm sure you did the best you could.
  9. jaderook01

    Are you a "Sister?"

    Do you live in Louisiana or something? That is not a thing, even in Catholic hospitals in my area of the US. What you're describing is completely foreign to me. Also, just wanted to say that it has been fascinating reading everyone's responses on this.
  10. jaderook01

    Heparin bolus administration

    Where I work, a heparin bolus is always IV and not subQ. The order will even state it clearly.
  11. jaderook01

    Gave medications too early is this an error?

    There should be a chart in the med room somewhere that tells you the time frame window during which you can give certain meds early or late. However, six hours early is definitely a problem. I think I know what your issue is. When a new medication is entered, it will sometimes have it on the MAR for the first dose to be given at the time the order was entered, and then the second dose is going to be on the usual schedule, and often that can cause numerous med errors. I think it is a computer glitch that needs to be addressed. However, until they do, as the nurse, you have to start paying attention to that and it is in your best interest to know which meds should not be given. If the first dose is a stat order, it's likely never going to be an issue, otherwise, you need to be diligent.
  12. jaderook01

    "My pain is about an eight and a half"

    I'm at the point where I document what they state their pain is and then also document what I perceive their pain to be on the faces scale. If they give me half numbers, I round up.
  13. jaderook01

    Is this a fair holiday schedule

    That does sound awful. On my unit we have a rotation. Group A has to work Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year's Day; Group B has to work Black Friday, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve; and you switch off the next year. I already know what holidays I'll be working every year.
  14. jaderook01

    The life or death squatty potty

    Yeah- next time- tell anyone to just take the needed equipment without explaining. It doesn't belong to the patient, anyway. I've taken things I've needed for wall suction out of patient rooms before- only stopping to briefly apologize for bothering them. The equipment isn't theirs and is needed elsewhere. I don't owe them an explanation of any kind.
  15. jaderook01

    Swastikas & Nursing | Refusing care based upon moral objection?

    If I refused to care for every single patient with whom I had moral disagreements, I'd likely rarely work.
  16. jaderook01

    Anyone Else have to Sub in classrooms??

    Former teacher turned nurse here. You should have been provided with some kind of job contract which states if that is an (emergency) expectation. You need to call the school district's HR department ASAP. Unfortunately, I can tell you that non-teaching staff can be expected to be pulled to sub in some places around this country. It's usually reserved for emergency situations- and by emergency- I mean things like strikes. Your local district must not have nearly enough teachers or substitutes and the situation must be truly dire. That is a recent development in some places because they don't want to pay teachers enough and are trying to steal their retirement so, of course, they won't be able to fill any positions. Sadly, it looks like you're suffering from this too now.