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ThatChickOmi has 1 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg.

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  1. ThatChickOmi

    Considering Quitting my Job

    WOW!. And I was complaining about my job wanting us to re-use our masks.
  2. ThatChickOmi

    Nursing Tips I have no prior experience in healthcare field

    I had no prior healthcare experience either and got my first job within a few months of graduating nursing school. One thing I did have going is most of my previous jobs I was at for some time (8 years, 5 years). Relax. You'll get a job. May not necessarily be your "dream" job, but you'll get one. I recommend reading up on how to answer common interviewing questions appropriately, rehearse with a friend if you have to.
  3. ThatChickOmi

    Help failed NCLEX twice

    If you're aware of what you're doing wrong (Read the questions too quickly, don't read the whole thing, overthink) then not sure how other resources are going to help. You need to slow down, ease up on the anxiety, and focus. No NCLEX guide is going to help you with that. I used UWorld mostly and passed on the first shot. Read ALL the rationales even when you get the answer correct. Good luck.
  4. ThatChickOmi

    Was RN school easy for you?

    I'm not gonna lie and say it was easy but I wouldn't say it was impossibly hard either.
  5. You're better off leaving now before dumping even more cash into schooling you don't want to begin with. Your parents are being unreasonable. Not everyone is cut out for nursing, or being a star football player, or being a doctor, or a musician, and that's okay. I don't get overbearing parents that try to push their own agenda onto their kids.
  6. ThatChickOmi

    HELP I don’t know what I’m doing

    This. I'm a very introverted person and do things mostly alone. The first semester and most of second I studied solo 100% of the time, and while it kinda worked, I felt I got more out of it when I also supplemented it with studying in a small group (there were usually 3-4 of us, anything more than that would turn more into social hour than studying). We'd cover 1-2 topics each session and quiz eachother using different sources (UWorld, Saunders book, etc). I feel my grades improved once I added groups into it.
  7. ThatChickOmi

    How Do You Fit In 30mins Of Exercise In Your Work Day?

    I don't do it at work. I make time to workout on my off time. I'm a runner, so even if it means cramming a quick 3 miles after getting home from night shift, that's what it'll be.
  8. ThatChickOmi

    New Nurse, Med Error = Lost Job

    I'm basically 3 weeks off orientation myself. I'll admit that there have been times where I thought I scanned a med and I apparently didn't, sometimes the screen times out and the administration is incomplete. Nobody is perfect. You didn't hurt anybody. Sorry this happened to you.
  9. ThatChickOmi

    New Nurse, Med Error = Lost Job

    We use Epic at my hospital too. Did Epic not prompt you that the meds were administered too closely to each other? It'll have a pop-up and you need to select "RN Reviewed/Dose Appropriate". I can understand maybe being 1.5-2 hours off but the screen will tell you, and you'll presumably be like "Oh, right. I'll push the admin time to a later time." but less than 3 hours after the last dose.
  10. ThatChickOmi

    Recent Grad: So Many Feelings...

    I am quite literally right there with you. Just graduated in May. Only been off orientation for 2 weeks at my first job and it's been a rough. I have to restrain myself from asking too many questions and try to figure things out myself before calling for help. I just don't want to screw up or overlook something, ya know? Good luck. We'll both be needing it.
  11. ThatChickOmi


    Usually before anybody offers any sort of input, people want to see what you've come up with first. This isn't the place if you're looking for someone to just hand you answers.
  12. ThatChickOmi

    Failed Nclex after 2 years now what?

    6-7 hours a day 5 times a week? That seems like serious overkill. I used like 90% UWorld and maybe 10% Saunders NCLEX review and passed on my first try. I did questions, questions, questions....And that's maybe an hour a day, at most. I studied for about a month. Sometimes too much isn't good either because you go into nauseating detail over everything and the NCLEX is testing only on entry level stuff, just a broad spectrum of topics. I'd get a different tutor since this one isn't working out for you.
  13. ThatChickOmi

    NCLEX: expectation to pass

    I honestly wasn't really worried about failing the test. I was very well prepared. I finished the test in probably just about an hour, 75 questions. Walking out, I felt like it was easier than I anticipated. Nursing school exam questions were definitely much more challenging...lol Despite all that I still had that TINY little fleck of "Hmmm....what if I didn't pass..." but I think everyone has it.
  14. ThatChickOmi

    How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    After every shift, but I'm not paranoid to the point that I change in my non-existent garage/mudroom. My shoes go along with my other running shoes (on the bottom) on the rack and I wash my scrubs along with my other clothes. I live in a small apartment in a building, I don't have anywhere else really to put them. I have Lysol and Clorox wipes in my car that I wipe down my shoes with after I leave the hospital but that's about as germaphobic as I get. *shrug*
  15. ThatChickOmi

    Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    Yeah, I'm a firm believer of not mentioning anything too specific about work online, even "closed groups". I'll allude to the fact that I'm in healthcare, and maybe vaguely say something about having a rough shift or something, but that's it. And I absolutely don't mention anything on my own page about it, aside from tagging people in funny memes.
  16. ThatChickOmi

    Does it get better ?

    Right there with you. On my 5th week orientation as a new grad at my first job.....It's slowly getting better but I still have my moments. I'm still a little frazzled giving report, it's a little demotivating when the nurse you're giving report to pauses and says "You need to tell me that." and I'm like "....Oh."

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