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  1. ThatChickOmi

    Can’t cope with death, should I even go to nursing school?

    Maybe coming to terms with why exactly you're this uncomfortable with patient death would help. Is it because you do not understand the process? You're going to do probably a few lectures in your schooling about this very subject as well as have patients that are close to death, so it's inevitable. As a nurse you're going to have to be somewhat accepting and competent around a patient that is near death or you'll never get through it. Not just for yourself, but for the patient and their loved ones too. Death scares the crap out of me but at the same time I find it to be one of the most interesting processes. I've had patients that died soon after (hours, days, weeks) after my clinical with them. My clinical group performed post mortem care on a deceased patient in the first week of this semester. It's sad. But it's a part of life and it's the only thing that is 100% guaranteed.
  2. ThatChickOmi

    Tell me how you made >$100K or more per year

    $100K does sound nice, but it's not THAT great someone living in Fairfield County, CT that wants to actually have a nice house in a nice area....or really anywhere in the CT/NY/NJ metro area. It's ridiculous around here. Some of the highest taxes in the country too.
  3. ThatChickOmi

    Vaccination for clinical

    Way for the OP to run in, throw in the lit stick of dynamite and run out. lol
  4. ThatChickOmi


    Back in my day, I walked 3 miles to school in the snow, barefoot, uphill. Both ways.
  5. ThatChickOmi

    Inappropriate instructor/student relationship?

    Hah, seriously.... This sounds very high schoolish. If it doesn't directly effect you, just let it go. Who cares.....
  6. ThatChickOmi

    Tips and Advice for Prioritizing Care

    This is going to sound kinda silly, but I'm a second year (3rd semester of 4 semester ADN program) and I was assigned two patients today for the first time on a busy med-surg floor. I had a hard time and was all over the place. One patient was a ETOH detox with a lot going on, platelet precaution, NPO, alcoholic liver disease, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, tele, several IV/IVP meds, and my other patient was an elderly man with an arm fx, fall risk, confusion, condom cath, agitated ordered not to get OOB. Up until now I only ever had one patient at a time and I was able to manage relatively fine. Last semester, I was at a very slow paced nursing home with literally no opportunity to give any IV meds so I'm not 100% comfortable quite yet. I looked at the charts first then we're instructed to wait on report before doing anything. One nurse gave report on time, but the other nurse didn't give report until maybe an hour later. I didn't really plan my day effectively because just when I wanted to get VS on one patient and do an assessment, the other nurse was ready to give report, then I had to abort mission and listen to the report, then go back, then rushed back to get vitals and assessment on other, then the detox pt needed all his meds, then I went back to help out with the other fellow, then everything kinda melted into the next and by the time I finally got around to give my more acute patient a bed bath, it was like 11:30am which my instructor wasn't too thrilled with. (Holy rambling long sentence, Batman!). What are some tips and tricks and words of wisdom you seasoned nurses have for a student like me for taking on multiple patients and time prioritization? I'm whining about 2 patients and I know some of you people take like 10.......all the power to you.
  7. ThatChickOmi

    Microbiology and Chemistry at same time

    I took microbiology over the summer in 2016. The professor I had has a reputation for being incredibly difficult. That was seriously one of the hardest classes I have ever taken. And we only had 5 week to learn the material. I think we started off with 24-25 students and had probably 15-16 left by the end of the course. Personally, I wouldn't but it's probably doable if you're really motivated.
  8. ThatChickOmi

    Can I succeed in nursing school with no previous medical experience?

    And to add to what I said previously, there were some students in my class that didn't make it and they were already in the field. One guy was a tech at a local hospital and didn't pass first semester....soo my point is yeah having prior experience may help but it doesn't always mean you're going to pass. It's just hard work and dedication and sharpening critical thinking skills and application of knowledge.
  9. ThatChickOmi

    Can I succeed in nursing school with no previous medical experience?

    If it helps you feel any better, I've made it halfway through my 2 year program so far having no prior experience in the healthcare field. My "regular job" is actually driving a delivery truck...lol.
  10. ThatChickOmi

    affordable apartment with rn salary

    I live in Fairfield County CT, and that rent is fairly high for my city. Average is maybe $1600-$1800 for a modest sized 1-2 bedroom. I would never pay that, even if I could comfortably afford it.
  11. ThatChickOmi

    How to confront a disrespectful professor

    That being said, I do hope you were able to just really crunch it and finish your care plan on time. Wish you the best.
  12. ThatChickOmi

    How to confront a disrespectful professor

    I don't honestly think anybody here is using a condescending tone toward to OP at all. It's the truth unfortunately. Life keeps going, it doesn't slow down or stop no matter what happens. I had a pretty rough 2017 but I managed to do fairly well in my first semester. Granted, it had nothing to do with kids, but my mom went through stage 3 breast cancer and one of my beloved pets went through cancer and recently died after choking up thousands in vet bills. Money was a big issue. Had to cut my hours back at work (still managed 25-30 hours), and paid for school out of pocket (not eligible for financial aid at my school). I sucked it up an dealt with it. Handed all my assignments in on time. I didn't ask for favors, and many fellow students dealt with sick kids, spouses, struggles, and made it too. (Unless it was a legitimate life-threatening emergency or a death in your immediate family, or something extremely traumatic, then maybe I'd understand your frustration) **** happens. Everyone has their struggles. You just need to make it work. Prioritize. Other things will suffer unfortunately, it's inevitable. But keep an eye on the final destination. People who matter will understand the sacrifices you made.
  13. ThatChickOmi

    How to confront a disrespectful professor

  14. ThatChickOmi


    Snow is expected to hit Connecticut within the next 24 hours. LAME.
  15. ThatChickOmi

    Not sure how to deal with this future classmate...

    I wouldn't even entertain him. Honestly, if he is making you that uncomfortable, don't engage. Just simply stop responding and/or block him. Also, and I've learned this from experience, mentioning you have a boyfriend doesn't always stop a very motivated person.