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My worse fear has come true. I recently got into a car accident after working a night shift. Thank God, the accident only involved myself, and I did not get hurt. However, it has really shaken me up and I'm petrified of having to... Read More

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    [QUOTE=tokmom;7142289 I once took care of a trucker. He told me to hang a 20 dollar bill out the window. If you become drowsy, you would most likely let go of the money.[/QUOTE]

    Right before you fall asleep and crash?

    I don't see the point.
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    Quote from Mulan
    Right before you fall asleep and crash?

    I don't see the point.
    I think the trucker meant that if you want to hang on to your money, you'll stay good and awake.
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    What helps me the most is getting a hot drink (hot chocolate for me) and sipping that on the way home. Snacking helps too. I have a 30 min drive and if I start to feel myself getting tired I'll pull over at the nearest store to get out of the car to walk around. Sometimes I'll stop at a gas station on the way and get a lottery ticket, snack for the rest of the drive, or nothing at all. Anything to push the reset button on my drive home. Maybe you could split your drive up like this while you're adjusting to nights.
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    Quote from tokmom
    They did a study that was on the news. The TV guy had to stay awake all night and in the morning they put him on a test course and let him drive while he was hooked up to EEG monitoring. Even though he did not close his eyes, he did "fall asleep" for seconds at a time according to his EEG. Scary huh?

    I have co workers that usually will find an empty stretcher and power nap before going home. Many live 45 minutes away, at least. Like you, I'm just not a night person and all the caffiene, music and cold air never worked for me. I once took care of a trucker. He told me to hang a 20 dollar bill out the window. If you become drowsy, you would most likely let go of the money.
    I love this!! I wouldn't want to lose my money! Sounds to me like it might work.
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    I live outside of New Orleans, by about 45 min. In bedroom communities, it is not uncommon for people to commute to work, and I am no exception. I used to work evenings awhile ago, and my route home includes a 24-mile bridge over a lake (the entire way!), so road awareness was the number one priority. My very best advice, and I can certainly promise on this one, is to find music you can sing to (pop music) and sing all the way home. Sing LOUD. If there isn't any good music on the radio typically, then be prepared and have a CD or mp3 at the ready, filled with music that gets your blood going! You have to physically participate, and do things that are tactile, like slapping your hand on your knee with the rhythm. HARD (not like a massage at the Ritz, you know, lol).This will keep you active and stimulated!!! Your brain, AND your body, have to wake up, to do these things. Good luck
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    I bike commute after night shift and often it wakes me up. Could you have a little sprint outside to get your SNS thinking your need a little fight of flight before driving? I gave up coffee for nights for a while and ICE cold water helped perk me up. Good luck
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    I've worked nights for 13 years. In the past I have pulled over someplace safe and napped. My strategy for my 35 minute drive now is chewing ice. My co workers wondered why before I leave, I fill a large cup with ice and I had to explain that all that crunching keeps me awake plus it's cold!
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    If I get sleepy I pull over for a nap, run around my car twice for a boost.

    I have just started taking a caffeine tablet about 530 or 6 and it gives me enough boost to make the 45min drive home.

    Riding with windows down doesn't work for me but listening to upbeat music or talk comedy does.
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    The adrenaline rush I get when I nod off and wake up riding in the emergency lane works for a good 10 minutes.
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    Thats why I dont do nights. I havent worked nights in 3 years, and I picked up an extra shift to help with coverage a couple months back in the summer. I have an hour highway comute. I was so tired, I didnt realize I was speeding- I dont tend to speed too much- going 80 (limit 65) untill I looked at my spedomoter and saw and was like oh crap gotta slow down--too late, light in my rearview mirror. I didnt dare say I was tired from night shift and get a DUI. Because remember you ARE impared at that point. I would also recomend eating a snack like pretzles and sipping on something because it gives you something to do. Sometimes you HAVE to pullover and nap. Usually a 30 minute nap will be all you will need to get the rest of the way home safely. But yes its scary that feeling of you "snapping out of it" and realizing you probably, although briefly did just fall asleep.

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