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Hi everyone, I'll just get right into it. I work as a LPN in a group home with a few individuals with intellectual disabilities. We also have a nurse aide who comes and helps out during daylight... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from pollynurse1234
    I have worked in places that the CNAs are union and the only way to discipline for sleeping on the job is to have 2 people see them and have a picture. Without this the union fights it and usually wins. So I would not necessarily bash the camera use but I would check whether your facility has a policy regarding camera use.
    Two good points -- using the camera may get you in trouble at some workplaces, so I'd check the policy. But I have worked in places where you have to have MORE than two people on MORE than two occaisions documenting you sleeping on the job before anything can be done.
  2. by   Yorker
    Your intention was not wrong at all, you just wanted her to do her job but it was her actions that got her fired. the only wrong thing is that you took her picture without her permission and that's a no no, wherever it may be.
  3. by   ILUVERNSG
    You didn't get her fired.


    Having a job means you have to do actual work LOL!
  4. by   0.5GPA
    Just awful, you got some one fired becuase they wanted to sit on their butt and do nothing THATS THE AMERICAN DREAM!!!!(at least mine)

    Please stop. You are wreaking lives lol

    Seriously she fired herself you are just looking out for your patients
  5. by   l8308
    As a parent who has an adult son in a group home, I'm glad you did what you did. The aide was given chances it was bout time. The only thing I'm confused is why there are nurses and aides. I find that interesting.
  6. by   ambr46
    I wouldn't feel bad one bit. She was getting paid to do a job that she clearly didn't care to do. Now she can lay around at home watching Netflix and eating Cheetos. Case closed.
  7. by   dstee009
    sounds like she got herself fired. dont sweat it OP
  8. by   kbrn2002
    Laying on a couch and watching Netflix is not working. Sleeping is definitely not working. Considering this person was being paid to work you didn't get this nurse aid fired, she got herself fired. I don't understand why you would feel in the least bit sorry for that.
  9. by   Dellrich89
    It's tough because most likely the word is gonna get around that you took a picture of her sleeping and sent it in to your supervisor. So now workers might think twice about what they do around you. Yes, she deserved to get fired for being asleep, but me pesonally, i woulda woke her up and had a loooooooong talk with her. Just my .02
  10. by   subee
    Her behavior demoralizes everyone - staff and patients. She needed firing. Maybe this is what it will take to wake her up to reality.
  11. by   Timbal
    You did the right thing, and I agree with the others. You did not fire her, her actions got her fired. I had this happen to me, as well, working with an RN who kept falling asleep on the job. I didn't work every shift with her, but over the course of a month or so I spoke to her several times about it, waking her up every time I saw her sleeping, offering to get her coffee, suggesting that she stand up and walk around a bit, etc. She was always quick to deny that she was asleep. I gave her multiple chances to correct her negligent behavior, and she refused.
    So I started reporting it to the management, who spoke to her and she again denied sleeping on the job. Since it was my word vs. hers, they did nothing. Other nurses had also woken her up multiple times (I do not know if they reported it, though I suggested they do so).
    One shift I woke her up three times. The next time I saw her sleeping that shift, I video taped it (so she could not claim to have been blinking in a photo). I then woke her up and again she stated she had not been sleeping, just "resting her eyes" (with her nose on the keyboard!). So I sent the video to our supervisor. Obviously she could not refute the video (which they showed her), and was terminated.
    This is a huge safety issue, both for her patients, my patients and other staff (who have to be alert to her patients since she kept falling asleep). You need to be able to trust your co-workers to pull their weight.
  12. by   rianne_w
    You definitely did the right thing!

    As professionals, we care for patients, and she obviously did not. Patient neglect is a serious issue, and you were completely right for standing up for all of the patients in the facility. I certainly would not want someone who was supposed to be taking care of a family member slacking off, sleeping on the couch!
  13. by   RNOTODAY
    I would absolutely have a conversation with management earlier, say all that you said in the post , and I'd just have to leave the decision to fire or not up to them, not my job or paygrade!!! But yes you did the right thing ... I think ... what should you have done, let her complete her slumber while everyone else works around her ? Ummm way no all the nopes in nopety land!!
    now if she was an ordinarily good worker and consistently did HER JOB, had I caught her once snoozing , I'd probly just wake her.. and say nothing... but your scenario is completely different. She wasn't doing Anything and just trying to see how long she could get paid for it, imo