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  1. I know , there are so many factors and variables to make a decision and depends on everyone's priorities too. But, just asking what would you guys choose , Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist or as a VA nurse? The salary of CDIP is 5000 more annualy. Its M-F 8-4. What is the future of this job?
  2. Yorker


    I agree with the previous post, see a Psychiatrist , they are specialized for this . I wouldn't go to a PCP. Also, they can recommend you a good psychotherapist. It has benefitted lot of people but some not. Psychiatrist may start you on SSRI or something for GAD, and usually it takes 4-6 weeks to work, so you have to be patient.May be trying to find a day job will help you too.They also recommend: Exercise -Very important , they release good hormones in the body . Its really necessary for you get some kind of activity. Yoga- Yoga has helped numerous people to keep the balance between mind and body. Multivitamins and healthy diet- Salmon, walnuts etc, Having a good support system around you- Try to be around positive people. Read motivational books. Last but not the least Spirituality- If you are a believer there is nothing that God cannot do. God is the biggest healer.
  3. Yorker

    Hand Massages

    I want to know where you work I want to apply for a job there (free massages), LOL.
  4. Yorker

    Hand off

    First things first, when we are nervous we tend to forget even the things that we know, take a deep breath before you start report. As much as I want to ask you which questions do you get stumbled on??? but I don't want to get personal. Maybe there is a pattern ??? Maybe you are missing that area? Some nurses are not that great in report taking either , some of them want to know everything and anything.
  5. Yorker

    Hand off

    It is hard for everyone in the beginning, don't panic and don't be harsh on yourself. Although everything is on SBAR I still like to write stuff down in that way its repeated twice, one while seeing on the EMR and second in my report. When I started new I use to get confused between the diagnosis between 6-7 pts, so writing helped me. Rest I agree with the previous post, those are major things that needs to be included. Even if you don't know the answer to the question , don't be nervous include the nurse and tell her lets see in the EMR. Always , always talk to the physicians , some don't like to but I would haunt them down and ask them , what is your plan? PS: It always helps to come a little early on your shift and dig in the pt's chart.
  6. Yorker

    I SAW HIM! - Near Death Experiences

    I do get the point of the people for this article and who are not for it too. I have read various articles from the OP and as per my understanding she has a really good spiritual sense (gift of Holy Spirit), not everyone has it.So, she is able to discern looking at he peace or the vibe that she is getting to ask that question. So many people are wanting to share their stories.
  7. Yorker

    Anyone disliked ICU?

    I had almost the same situation where I worked on tele on a day shift and moved to ICU and got a night shift. But this was my choice and I moved to ICU because I always wanted to work in critical care. Likeness to an unit depends on: :What is the reason you want to move? I wanted to work in ICU because I love knowing and assessing my patients in detail. I like taking care of them head to toe. I like critical thinking , inferring lab values, PH, looking at the scans and sitting with the family and talking to them.(that happens in some other specialties too). But I know nurses who have left ICU for the following reasons 1."Its depressing"(termed by some people), because on tele you are sending people home, they are happy(most of time) , ICU you see more deaths and more terminal diagnosis, palliative care, calling the chaplain , family crying on your shoulders and much more.Some nurses were not able to handle the trauma. 2.Physical turmoil(its almost everywhere) , in ICU you are repositioning pts. much more often than on other floors. Most of the time they don't provide techs in ICU so the bed is your best friend. 3.Usually old and established ICUs have older and experienced nurses who have "been there done that ". I have always heard from other floors that ICU nurses have attitude, so sometimes its very hard for a new nurse to get "clicked", I know some nurses who have left because of this reason. 4."I will have only 2 patients", Yes some people move because the no. of patients is less. My fellow ICU nurses can vouch for that sometimes we had 2-3 nurses for one sick pt. Sometimes those two patients are more than 6-7 pts. 5.Critical care training. When I had to move to ICU , I had to take a critical care course . Many hospitals don't do that they just put them on orientation. Physicians rely a lot on ICU nurses and I you have to know what you are doing because you are dealing with the sickest of sickest. Some nurses felt like they were always catching up/couldn't keep up with(not their fault, lack of training).
  8. Yorker

    Hand Massages

    Wow! Tomorrow the management will come up different type of massages. If they are so keen on that maybe they should hire someone so that the quality and quantity is not compromised. We have given massages to our patients when we had little free time or we were not that busy but usually nurses have had not enough time to do their important stuff and then they expect us to do more on top of that. Its a very good idea to have pt's get massage but please don't sump it on the nurses.
  9. Yorker

    Got a nurse aide fired... did I do the right thing?

    Your intention was not wrong at all, you just wanted her to do her job but it was her actions that got her fired. the only wrong thing is that you took her picture without her permission and that's a no no, wherever it may be.
  10. Yorker

    No rehire !!!!!!!!!!

    How are you so sure that a list like this does not exist????? This is not a published list that everyone can just come and see , come on now. Thanks for the thought of the day.
  11. Yorker

    No rehire !!!!!!!!!!

    I'm not sure where you're getting your information from but there is no general blacklist for all prospective hiring managers to see. Again the purpose isn't to prevent a nurse from getting a job elsewhere it's to prevent a company accidentally re-hiring a problematic employee. The BON only cares about practice issues. They couldn't give a flying fig that someone is chronically tardy or calls off sick too often but you can be sure a company's HR department does. I'm not sure where your conspiracy theory is coming from. I was marked a "do not rehire" for really weak reasons yet I got a new job three days later even after they called my previous employer. Lots of people have. I'm sorry but you are really blowing this out of proportion and getting worked up over it. What you imagine happening just isn't I wish that was the case that I was blowing this out of proportion but unfortunately this is true that there is a list like this and this has been told by a recruiter.
  12. Yorker

    No rehire !!!!!!!!!!

    Wuzzie, I agree don't rehire the nurse/ employee back again, that's fine. But why do they have to blacklist the nurses so that they cannot find a job anywhere else. Don't u think BON should be the mothership to find out if there is any disciplinary action against the nurse???
  13. Yorker

    No rehire !!!!!!!!!!

    Its very easy to say that there are interventions to keep the pt. safe then why didn't u use it, sounds like someone from management. To throw more light , there was only one more staff nurse with me who had two vented pts completely on two different corners. Charge nurse was helping one of her pts. No tech. Called the supervisor but she was busy on the floor. There was no one ready to come to work, couldn't get help from techs on the other floor.
  14. Yorker

    No rehire !!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for pointing the quote button out. It becomes evil when they start misusing this power. They start deeming nurses not eligible just because they had hurt their ego. All right, even if they do that but don't blacklist them so that they cannot find a job anywhere else. Adding to this post, I have worked in two different states and there has to be something very extreme for a nurse to be blacklisted.
  15. Yorker

    No rehire !!!!!!!!!!

    This is rude but anyways that was one of the situations I had explained . I don't think so you are following the posts here but one of the members here had posted that even after working for a good amount of time in her facility and serving the notice plus one week extra to train a new nurse she was listed as no rehire by the HR Manager. She had quitted because the raise was not good. I personally am not listed as no rehire and what I heard is not a rumor. What I am trying to make a point here is that the nurses don't have a strong voice/association to stand up to these things. This does not happen everywhere and it happens because we let them happen.
  16. Yorker

    Sunday Service and Weekend shift

    When I started as RN I was very upset about the same situation as I had to miss Sunday worship.I understand that you are a choir member and teacher so it must be very hard for you. As some of the members already advised you, once you get settled try asking your coworkers .We were allowed to split shifts. 7am-1pm and 1pm -7am, you can ask in your unit if they allow it.Unfortunately this a requirement if you are a nurse or you have to find something in Day surgery, Dr. clinic, PACU(they usually don't hire new nurses), endoscopy etc. If worse come to worse you might have to work Sundays and providing services to the sick and needy is also a type of service. PS: I don't know if you are a nurse in Texas , try not to leave your job because this state can put the nurses in to a no rehire list or Group one and those nurses cannot find any other job anywhere else.

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