Foley Catheter Insertion Tips

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    Hello all. Can anyone offer me some tips/tricks for inserting a foley catheter in either a male or female?

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    There is such a thing as too much lube.
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    Somewhere there is a whole thread on this subject...will look.
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    if you miss when cathing a female - leave it until you are done to reduce your chances of making the same mistake twice.
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    I do home care daily for a guy that has an indwelling and when I first took over the position of caring for him, upon learning of his enlarged prostate, I immediately started ordering Coude catheters. I replace it q2 weeks and the curved tip makes insertion much easier than regular foleys. If ya have a patient that has enlarged prostate probs, Coude is the way to go.
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    If you are cathing a man with BPH, have the man breathe in and out from his mouth (like a woman in labor does) and have him wiggle his toes at the same time. i swear it works! I had a urologist teach me this once. I have never not been able to sink a cath on a man with BPH since.

    cathing a woman, especially older women....look for the meatus first instead of just attempting to put the cath where the meatus should be. many older women, especially...their meatus is inside their vagina. so if you cant see it, stick your gloved, lubricated finger inside the vagina until you feel it. that way you know exactly where it is. you can use your pointer finger to guide the cath into the meatus when it is in the vagina to prevent cathing the vagina itself. if you do cath the vagina, don't remove the cath. leave it in the vagina so that when you start to recath with the second tube, you will know where NOT to put it.

    bring the patients bed up to your level. it's easier on your back and you will be more accurate with the cath.

    make sure you get a urine return before inflating the balloon.

    speaking of the balloon...inflate the balloon prior to using the catheter to make sure it isnt defective. it doesnt happen often but it does happen.
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    When cathing a female, esp a female w/ edematous everything after a delivery, I go just below the clitoris and then angle the catheter up. It works every single time. If her labia are swollen and tender, it makes it very hard to separate everything in order to visualize, so I use that trick instead. It hasn't failed me once.
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    During the preliminary cleansing, I always use a flashlight so see where I'm going, then prop it with a towel or blanket to keep the light where I need it. It's hard to miss if you can really see where you are going. If you need someone in the room to help with positioning, they can hold the light for you, but I try to minimize the help to protect the person's privacy when possible.
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    Good tips! Another question, along the lines of the OP. I've cathed men before and felt the catheter curling in the do I prevent this?

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