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Kylea has 4 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg, LTC, Rehab, Hospice, Endocrine.

I'm an LPN, currently working Specialty Clinic in the VA in Las Vegas. Have a little girl who's turning a year old this month. She is the light of my life and the reason for everything I do.

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  1. I have yet to hear of anyone who has gotten past the BoN in CA with Excelisor. The only recommendation I have for you if you have to finish with Excelsior instead of changing programs (trust me, I completely understand about the financial aspects!) is to look for a job within the Veteran's Affairs system. You don't have to have a license from the state you are working in. Because it's a government agency, you just have to be licensed in the US. If, however, you plan on staying in CA after his tour of duty is up in San Diego, I would consider trying another route, as difficult as that may be financially. The CA board has said they will evaluate on a case by case basis. My understanding of that is that they are looking for the clinical experience, which, we all know, Excelisor doesn't require. (completely overlooking the fact that anyone getting into that program has worked as an LPN....) If you have whatever the hours of experience are, and it's in ALL of the fields they require (peds, maternity, psych etc) you might be able to get by. Like I started with, I haven't seen anyone do it. (I think it's something like 500 hours) Because my husband and I will most likely be going back to CA when he gets out of the military, I dropped Excelsior and am going with Indiana State because I can still do it distance and will be able to get my license in CA. Good luck to you with whatever you choose. PM me if you have any questions. PS: The CA board SUX for giving straight answers and even being able to get someone on the phone!
  2. I took the CLEP exam they recommend and didn't score high enough for them (passed ACE req but the school wanted higher). I am taking Coastline Community College's distance program CIS100. It's a good course, the instructor seems pretty cool, and the material is easy to cover. It's all book on CD and you do the CD stuff for the chapter and submit. The class hasn't actually started yet, but I talked to the instructor and explained that I was moving and he told me I could get started on the chapters early. Does anyone have recommendations for study material for Adult I? I have the book from TCN, but man! I get four or five chapters in and then throw my hands up and walk away....it just seems like so much material for one test. Any flash cards that were helpful?
  3. Kylea

    Green House

    I have no experience as of yet; the VA I work for is doing some major remodeling and they are taking two wings of our CLC and turning them into green houses. Should be within the next year.
  4. Kylea

    Patient doesn't know he's terminal

    I agree and disagree with the OP's situation. On the one hand, I would never outright lie to a patient. On the other, I have been in that situation. When a family member very close to me was diagnosed with ESLD and given a very poor prognosis, we did not discuss it with her. She had made it VERY clear through out the years that she never wanted to be told she was dying. She always said that if someone told her that info then she would spend the rest of whatever time she had obsessing about how much time she had. I do know that the MD's working with her did tell her that she wasn't going to get better; I wasn't in the room but I did speak with the MD afterwards. He said that she did agree to go into Hospice, but none of us were ever sure if she actually understood what Hospice was. She passed away a month later. And to this day I do not feel bad for not telling her. She was peaceful, and almost happy during that month. It is a very tough situation to be put in. The family generally does know the patient better. Something you could do is ask the family why the patient hasn't been told. Perhaps they may say that the situation is similar to mine. Perhaps not. Either way, you can also talk to the MD, your supervisor, and/or the ethics committee if you are still concerned. Bottom line, if the patient asks me, it is not my place to deliver a prognosis; that is why the MD get's paid so much more than me. But I will not lie to a patient. If he/she asks me if he/she is dying, I will ask him/her what they think. But I won't tell him/her NO if it isn't true.
  5. Kylea

    Thoughts on escorting patients to smoke

    I do not know what the exact situation is like at the VA the OP works at. I do know that our smoking area that is inside is closed in and the staff doing the accompanying doesn't have to go inside the actual smoke room. The doors are sliding glass and the staff member can see inside without having to go inside. Again, it is always best to try to find someone who does smoke who can go with the smokers. I have even seen units switch staff for 20 min or so just to have a smoker from another unit take our smokers out.
  6. Kylea

    Thoughts on escorting patients to smoke

    As the OP stated, this applies in the Veteran's Administration Hospital system. It doesn't matter what the nurses want or believe is right; at the VA the Veterans are always right. It is their right to smoke, period. These guys have spent their whole lives doing, for the most part, many things much worse than smoking. I personally don't agree with the policy; we have a similar one in effect at my VA. We usually find someone on our unit who is a smoker and have them take the smokers out, or to the smoke room, which is inside (since it's about 9 degrees here with lots and lots of snow). If we don't have a smoker staffed for the day, it is our responsibility to get them to the smoking area. It sux, but it won't change in the VA, not until the current active duty population become Veterans that use the system.
  7. Kylea

    Pain medication in Postpartum

    Personal experience: 4th degree tear/cut with a major case of hemmorhoids....I can't take vicodin, percocet, or codeine, so I got two doses of IM Toradol and tylenol/motrin alternating after that. I also used the lidocaine spray and witchhazel pads. After the spinal headache was treated w/a blood patch, I only needed occasional motrin at home.
  8. Kylea

    Modifying tasks when pregnant. My boss says "no".

    Not trying to flame or anything, just reminding that not all pregnancies are planned. And those that aren't planned aren't all because someone forgot the condom or whatever; birth control failures do happen.
  9. It's been a bit since I actually enrolled; I believe all I had to do was notate on the application that I was a nondegree seeking student and they did not require me to send in transcripts. It's a bit pricey, but totally worth it; quizzes are open book and there are only four exams; none are cumulative. And the labs are pretty straight forward. Any other questions, don't hesitate to PM me.
  10. Just FYI for anyone having difficulties with finding an acceptable Chemistry course; I found an online course (with some help from Joelle at ISU) with a lab component that meets all the requirements. The professor is awesome (so far) and the course is manageable. Weber State University Online. Chem 1110.
  11. KG916- My understanding is that you cannot complete in 4 semesters anymore. The school has a restriction now on which nursing courses can be taken at the same time, and the way it's set up is to take 5 semesters to complete.
  12. Hi everyone :) Congrats to everyone who finished and got applications in for Spring! I did not manage to get all of my pre-reqs done; I ran into the same problem some other people had regarding the Computer Systems CLEP. I passed it, but my score wasn't 65 or higher. ISU wouldn't accept it. So now I am working on getting the rest of my tests done, taking my time to study for them since I have more time now! I will be there in Fall 2010, looking foward to getting going!!
  13. Kylea

    Whats are the best classes to start with?

    It kind of depends on how soon you want to be done with your degree. Most programs require that you have Chemistry, Biology, A&P, and Microbiology completed before you can start the nursing courses. (check with the specific program you are applying to in order to find out what they require before they will admit you.) If that is the case, it is up to you. If you don't care to take the time, then by all means only take one science course at a time. If you are wanting to finish sooner, then you will have to take more than one science at a time. My Anatomy and Physiology were separate classes and I took them at the same time. Bio and Chem can be done at the same time as well. Good Luck!
  14. Rainingwoman, the titles of the nursing mods are: Mental health Aspects of Nursing Practice Nursing Care of Adults Nursing Care of the Child and Family Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family Look them up on ebay by those names and you should find something. When I get done with them, if you are still looking for them, I would be glad to work something out with you. Somehow I misplaced my Childbearing Family (really mad....but that is what happens when you have a baby and then six days later go to a dr's appt and take said book with you to study while you wait....you lose it), but I do have the other three. I am still hopeful for the Spring '10 semester; I did just have my baby girl (She's two weeks old today!!!!) so I have slowed down a little bit on getting study mods completed. I am planning on stepping up this next week and taking my first exam and scheduling my second; we will see how my little one cooperates!
  15. Don't get anything that says nursing concepts, that is all excelsior stuff.
  16. Just wanted to check in with everyone! How are we all doing on getting our pre-reqs done? I am getting ready to take Care of the Childbearing Family and enrolling in a Chemistry course; that CLEP was no joke....didn't pass, but that is ok; have a class I can take that meets requirements.