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What did you buy with your first nursing pay from your first nursing job?... Read More

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    I don't remember paying for anything fun...just bills.
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    I was an LPN when I got my first nursing check in June 2011 (yes, I'm new :P ). I used it to buy school clothes for my little girl, pay for daycare, and put it savings for when I started the RN program later in the summer.
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    I should have mine in 2 or 3 weeks depending on how pay periods fall. (Start and find out tomorrow) First pay check will be to fill my gas tank and start paying my credit cards down. (and have them completely paid off in 2-3 pay checks. Once direct deposit gets set up I will have at least 20% going straight into savings....and then once I get caught up on debt, likly incease that.

    After 3 or 4 pay checks I am taking my family out to dinner and get some game cards for Dave and Busters. Spluge a little bit as a thank you to them for all their support through school (especially my son....he loves D&Bs). That will be my main spluge. Second will be replacing my POS phone that badly needs replaced.
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    Don't remember, but probably work clothes. Back then my RN pay was $12 per hour. We wore white dresses with white hose and shoes, so I probably bought some whites. I do remember buying little gold RN pins to wear on the black velvet stripe on my hat~one pin on each side. I was so proud of that.
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    I made $2.00 per hour working at a job in the 70's. My rent was $80 per month. Gas was somewhere between 32-55 cents per gallon, depending on the year. I would bring home about $90 per week, and had plenty to spend on food, clothes, makeup, etc.
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    I used it to put a down payment on a "new to me" car. The one I had been driving back and forth to school was falling apart, the week before my first paycheck I cracked the block and had to junk it. It was so nice to be able to buy a nice car.
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    I bought something for myself, I think it’s pants and shirts (cannot remember exactly)..and I realized it’s feels better to spend your own earning than the ones that were given by your mom!=)
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    Quote from lagalanurse
    I haven't gotten my first check yet, but I plan on buying myself some new jeans and underwear! The ones I have now all have holes.
    Good Luck!! I have been in the game 10 years, and still have "holy" Fruit of the Looms!!
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    I havenít had my first nursing pay yet (hoping to one receive soon). Some says itís lucky to buy undies for your parents from your first salary...and Iíll try do it=)
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    I remember my first real paycheck of any kind... It felt AWESOME to have bills paid! It was a treat in itself!

    So now that I've gotten stuck working on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year I think I'll go by myself something nice just for getting holiday pay to be away from my family... like one of those $15 foot massagers that you set on the floor and run your feet across...

    My feet are happy just thinking about it!

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