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thecool1Nscrubs2no has 12 years experience and specializes in MS, Tele, CM, Informatics.

I live in VA. Starting the DNP Full time JUNE 2015!

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  1. thecool1Nscrubs2no

    Lost & Confused/Frustrated

    Hi there don't toss in the towel please You will not know everything on the exam. what areas are you weak in when you got the report back? How many question did you do a day 60 questions a day is a good start? I would take some time and study for 3 months. I mean really study....not that you haven't but you need it in a different way. I see you have used Hurst(even with that you still have to tie in all the pieces...as studying beyond the review) Which it sounds that you have been studying hard. Just need to refocus and recover.(I posted this a few years ago edited today)TO HAVE THE BEST CHANCE OF PASSING KNOW YOUR CORE CONTENT such as med surg, renal, endo, resp, GI, GU, cardio, diseases, labs, delegation, priority, study select all that apply questions too... MED SURG IS THE BACK BONE SINCE THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON IN ALL THE QUESTIONS. Touch over ob/and peds(complications). DON'T STUDY STUFF YOU KNOW WELL...THAT IS WASTING YOUR STUDY TIME. Don't waste your time with the easier questions, you know those...Its up to you as the nurse to attack the questions direct. USE THE SAUNDERS BOOK WITH THE CD if you don't have something already. Go over the sections and do 60 questions a day from each body system. Read the sections in the Saunders helps to fill in the grey areas along with the cd. Talk out your concepts aloud to get them in your head so you can pull them back up when you take your exam. Know basic pharm tie that in with disease can help you remember it better...same goes for labs. Remember just because you have a nurse floating to the floor with 10 yrs exp....she or he stills needs the most stable patient. RN can only do teaching so remember that when you look at discharge and admissions....in the NCLEX hospital. NO GOOD QUESTIONS on NCLEX(SOMETHING HAPPENING IN ALL OF THEM)....PROBLEMS YOU NEED TO FIX. READ CAREFUL, LOOK FOR KEYWORDS. THINK WHAT IS THE BEST, SAFE, AND WILL CORRECT THE PROBLEM WHEN YOU ATTACK THE QUESTION. Remember we want to correct a problem in the early signs of distress or whatever before they get to the point of the might not make it phase. THEY ARE LOOKING FOR NURSES THAT WILL HELP THE PATIENTS, PROTECT THEMSELVES AND THE PUBLIC.....ALONG WITH LOOK FOR ABUSE. Be careful with labs just because its WNL of the high or low...red flag for new nurses. Goal is to get as many questions right on that exam as you can. Look for keywords read the questions slow. THE SAME WAY YOU MISSED TEST QUESTIONS IN SCHOOL BECAUSE YOU READ THE QUESTIONS TOO FAST...CAN HAPPEN HERE SO READ SLOW. DON'T GIVE YOUR ANSWERS A WAY BECAUSE YOU ARE READING TO FAST....SLOW IT DOWN ON THIS. Ask yourself does my choice make sense....and if so WHY...KNOW THE WHY TO YOUR RIGHT ANSWERS AND THE WRONGS...OR WHAT MADE THEM WRONG . So review rationals while you practice for your exam. It often helps you get other key pieces in your head by reading rationals. KEEP POSITIVE, KEEP FOCUSED. You can do it. Also look at select all that apply questions. Hurst review is nice too. Don't get yourself so focused on medications that you don't look at other parts of the test. Its not a pharm test. REVIEW MEDS THAT GO WITH EACH SYSTEM...remember you are looking for complications(major). So basic meds. Don't hang yourself up here....make sure you know that med surg and all those systems well. KEEP POSITIVE you can do this. You failed but its how you recover....YOU GOT IT!!!you can rock that exam. For myself I had a yogurt and protein bar (15 mins before I walked in the building) and used the rest room prior to testing . I felt myself in the zone once I got in the room and wanted to keep it moving....use your best judgement. Don't worry about how many questions you are answering,focus on the question and the system or systems the question is coming from.
  2. thecool1Nscrubs2no

    Bad Supervisor

    Advice and please act on it. 1. Make 6 copies of that memo 2. Keep one for yourself 3. Forward one to HR and CEO/CNO (let them know you want a response to this if not address locally you will be contacting HQ and the BON) Place a time frame on the response..... for example I would like a response in 30days that will have a course of action and implementation related to language utilized within the work setting. 4. Also give one to the MD that was mentioned in the letter Threats are not to be taken lightly in any type of work setting. If they try it once they will do it again. Stand up for yourself don't be bullied. It sounds like the supervisor is abusing their role to produce a hostile work environment. The approach used by the supervisor will not work all that does is create division in a team and lowers morale. Please keep us posted.
  3. thecool1Nscrubs2no

    How do I know when/if I should quit nursing?

    Hi there, To be honest nursing staff issues are not going to change anytime soon. Try a job away from direct care just to give yourself a break. See how that goes. Even as you move away from bedside there are still issues as to getting work done(workload most of the time is still high) and everything is being based on performance scores, NCQA, Core Measures, Benchmarks...so yes its stressful as all those metrics are how reimbursements occur for operational cost of organizations and how staff gets paid. So places will continue to work short....as many are unsure how they are going to keep paying full time staff....as reimbursement measures tighten. So hold on tight as we continue on this journey as health care effects nursing staff....so until health care can become stabilized in some form we remain at risk. Also within 2016 outcomes will be a big thing.
  4. thecool1Nscrubs2no

    MCV commute from Glen Allen & Chester

    Hi, If your classes are during the day downtown Richmond you need to allow yourself at least a hour because there are always traffic delays on I64 heading downtown Richmond. Along with allowing time for parking and getting to your classes on time. So if your classes starts at say 8am....I would at least give yourself an extra hour to get there due to traffic. You could always go some place and study before class if you get there early. I rather be early then be stressed out in traffic and be late. I would suggest you drive over a weekend and check out places to park....and how far it takes to arrive to the building where your classes are. Traffic in Richmond can be unpredictable. Also you need to know how to get off on different exits in case there are delays on I64. Please also understand all that construction that is happening west end area of Richmond on I64 which can contribute to delays.
  5. thecool1Nscrubs2no

    failed nursing school again

    DON'T GIVE UP!!!!keep your eyes on the prize and re focus and re group yourself. Look at where you struggled at and why can't you just repeat the course? Put a better study plan in order hold yourself accountable those bridge programs are fast pace. Jump back in the pool you have people here that want you to be successful. You can do it.
  6. thecool1Nscrubs2no

    Walden University Nsg Informatics Program

    I attended Walden University for MSN-NI... I'm currently in the DNP program that will be starting in June 2015. I have nothing bad to say about the program. Yes you must look early for your preceptors. For those that are looking for NI preceptor look at hospitals look for those that are in clinical optimization or training for EHR programs(the field of NI is diverse you will find that they have many roles). The health department that would also be a good as they collect various data...have databases are always working on initiatives within the community. Also check with those that are involved with project management. I'm in the quarter based DNP program. I have already connected with someone working at health department HQ.
  7. thecool1Nscrubs2no

    RN never feels guilty when calling out

    Why feel guilty some times you just need a day to recharge yourself. Remember you need to take time for yourself. If not your going to burn out. I have called out before for not feeling well. Think about it if you were to leave there today or tomorrow they would replace you. But when you are sick your sick. You have to put yourself first....many companies don't have the staffs best interest at heart. Co workers are going to talk if you come in on time or if you have to call out on a rare.
  8. thecool1Nscrubs2no

    USA DNP - anyone applying for fall 2015?

    Hi I'm starting a DNP in June 2015.
  9. Hi, So your planning to become an additional member within the health care field. Since you already know you want to be an RN and the way nursing school cost continue to rise, I would do the CNA then the RN. As a CNA it is hands on care from oral feedings,bathing to dressing, vital signs and changing depends or diapers (its other stuff to but this is just the basics). The work is not easy so keep your back strong and keep a healthy body and mind. But also you could get your foot in the door at local physicians offices and work there as a CNA. I did it the long way because I didn't have anyone to ask or give advice at the time (CNA, LPN and the RN). Also since your in high school volunteer at the hospitals or outpatient offices as this could help landing a job later on....even if you just do it say 3 times a month for 3 hours. As a tip get involved in local advocate groups that do wellness programs within the community or address members in the community whom are at risk health wise (as you could volunteer with setup) this also could be a way of meeting local nurses in the area. ******Since you plan to attend Jr. college you can become an RN at that level with an associates degree and attend the university for your graduate degree. So you could do a associates and then go straight for the Masters/Post Masters...then the doctoral. Using myself and an example I didn't do the BSN because I was looking at the cost. I did the associates then I did the Masters/post Masters and now I'm starting my doctoral in nursing (June 2015). I wish you the best. Also now you should be looking to see what credits will transfer from your high school to the Jr. college as a way to reduce cost along with discussing your plan of study. Also depending on where you work you will still have hands on care if your a bedside RN....just an FYI. Please contact me for any additional advice happy to help. Also check various nursing school...the main thing is looking at the accreditation's, Pass rates, Cost,....the program it self (student plan for success). If your using any type of student loans cost is a big factor....you want the best for the bucks that are being issued to the school. Really it doesn't matter if you go to a top school or one in the top 10....you will arrive at the board to test for the NCLEX exam the same. So don't just focus on one university check out some others too....don't become short sighted on your quest to become an RN. One last thing many hospitals want nurses to be pursuing higher levels of education....as I know some will not hire unless you plan to advance your studies.
  10. thecool1Nscrubs2no


    Hi is there anyone else starting a DNP program this year? I will be starting a DNP in June 2015 at Walden University. I also did my MSN-Post Masters Nursing Informatics there at Walden U.
  11. Being that you know when the weddings are. I would suggest you find out the policy for that college or university. Because many will not let you miss that much of a time block. So it's best to ask ahead and also take into consideration just how many days a week the class meets verses how many days you will miss from class. Also if the classes are online or in person ? As assignments are due ...and you don't even know yet if its during possible exam or test time (as some colleges have different time frames of when things can be made up...please check).Honestly I'm sure your sisters will understand if you need to skip out on some of the wedding days (as possible you may just have to come to the actual wedding and reception of both). This is only a suggestion but please do whats best for you.
  12. thecool1Nscrubs2no

    Time to give up?

    Also nursing homes are admitting and managing a complex care population in which RN's are getting in to the nursing homes. As they are needed right along with the LPN's. So keep your options open put all cards on the table. As nurses wear a lot of hats...so check out different companies and so on. Nurses not only do bedside care there are other options and fields that you can explore. There is nothing wrong with bedside nursing but people transition at times to explore other areas in nursing. Give yourself time and look around and don't limit yourself. Even if you think you aren't 100% qualified for a position apply for it anyway. Every nurse has shortcomings and bright spots.....the only pro is in professional. Learning is life long. Don't give up on your quest.
  13. thecool1Nscrubs2no

    On the fence

    Virginia doesn't do any online LPN to RN programs just FYI. As I noticed you mentioned Cali in your post. Best of luck with your studies.
  14. thecool1Nscrubs2no

    On the fence

    The first thing is to check with your Board of Nursing and if the program is approved for your state. Because I know within my state they don't allow LPN's to go online to attend RN programs. So please check your state regulations. May companies are out there to take advantage of people. Also check the accreditation of the place you are applying to. Also look at your plan of study and it should have a time line of when you will finish as its a max time frame that is allowed.No one is trying to be a life time student to obtain one degree. Please keep that in mind. Also keep away from places that are selling books and not education. I know you want your RN. Also check around in your community to see about RN programs included those at private schools which may cost a little more but they also take financial aid same as many public colleges. Often time private colleges have less of a waiting list and more frequent start up dates. It seems to be stressful to take that massive exam or CLEP (skills)and then have to go to the boards and do another exam. Those CLEP are money makers also please find out how many times those can be taken if needed.....within education there is no clear pathway but please pick the best one for yourself. Nursing school is work and cost ...no matter if its online or in brick and mortar setting. Also look into nurse loan forgiveness programs /scholarships programs to reduce cost. A I know I have done both....and will be returning in a few months to obtain a doctoral. If you have other questions feel free to ask as I started my career as a CNA, LPN, RN.I'm in my early 30's. I wish you success.
  15. thecool1Nscrubs2no

    Time to give up?

    If you plan to be a nurse for another 10-14 yrs I say go back to school. MSN is not all that long and your already have a BSN. Do your MSN and included a specialization within it...As I have seen some DNP programs that like students to have a specialization prior to coming in and other DNP programs that have a specialization attached with it(vary by schools so check around). If you can be dedicated to at least 36 months of school Go for the DNP....Your young. Also check around to see what specializations will let you get into a DNP program. Also there are programs that you can get into that will be paid by the nurse student loan forgiveness program in which many require 2-3 years of work at a nonprofit after you finish your program to repay the loan. Yes if you need to move or relocate its possible just have to continue to work at a nonprofit while you have the loan repaid within that time frame. There are also scholarship programs. I'm in my early 30's but I return to school as I wasn't content. I start my DNP June 2015. Listen up you aren't too old...don't let age be a barrier....I had someone that was 68 in my class that turned her tassel. Don't be 65...and look back and wish....when you can be 65+look back and said you did!!!!!
  16. thecool1Nscrubs2no

    Preceptor Problems - Advice needed

    Hi there, Listen up don't beat yourself up you are learning.....it takes times to learn the workflow within a new place along with the challenges seen within a patient population. I say give yourself 90 days to learn your role there and another 45 days to learn things more in depth including the computer system basics and about six more months to learn it more proficiently including your role. Your not going to be perfect....if you stay at that place 5 months or 5 years....So don't be hard on yourself. Also at times preceptors are not too nice its one thing to give feedback another thing is to be a helpful resource. I'm also a visual person...so I understand. Please be kind to yourself and do the best you can do...don't stress yourself out. Continue to ask questions when you don't know something isn't that what orientation is about? No matter how annoyed a person may seem to be....and don't let that person intimidate you or anyone else. Remember you passed the boards just like her...someone had to train her too. Also as a nurse keep your eyes open on the direction you want to go in along with your career path....and continue to position yourself closer to your goals.