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So, I had my first interview today in the PCU. I was beyond nervous beforehand. Everything went so great. He was saying things like "When we get you in here...etc." and said I would hear from him... Read More

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    Quote from helpmenewgradrn
    so, i had my first interview today in the pcu. i was beyond nervous beforehand. everything went so great. he was saying things like "when we get you in here...etc." and said i would hear from him within the week. i got out of the hospital and started calling everybody to tell them how great it went. then i got a voicemail. from my interviewer. i forgot my wallet on the chair. i usually take my purse everywhere with me, but i decided to just bring the essentials to the interview (wallet/portfolio). this change-up combined with how nervous i was contributed to me forgetting my wallet. ughh. so i made the walk of shame back in to pick up my wallet. he was beginning to interview somebody else. so my question is, do you think this is going to make him change his mind about me? i feel like such an idiot!
    i doubt it. maybe he will even remember you more when picking from the pool of applicants.

    good luck and i hope you get the job!
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    Quote from onaclearday
    a few pair of panties, and a toothbrush
    Dirty panties..... lol!!
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    Unabomber's manifesto with highlighting?
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    Other job apps
    Fish-net stockings
    Hemorrhoid cream

    Yes, it could have been much worse! Like everyone said, an understanding interviewer had to know that you were nervous, which is why you left your wallet. No biggie! Just don't forget your thank you note!
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    How to snag your managers job handbook

    A pair of handcuffs

    Your phone with the text displayed of how crappy the floor is you are interviewing with but how desperate you are for this lowly job.

    A box of whippets (does anyone even remember those?)

    Yeah OP it could have been alot worse
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    A puddle on the chair.
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    A bag of heroin.
    A bag of meth.
    A loaded pistol.
    A human head.
    A fake ID.
    Someone else's SS card.
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    A B.O.B.
    A bottle of vodka (I've seen this happen)' and
    What's wrong with fishnets
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    At least you didn't leave your cell phone. On. With some sort of bad "I want your sex" 80's ringtone.....and THAT was how it was discovered you left it....

    I would not worry in the least about this affecting your job prospect. Good luck!
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    I don't understand the connection you make b/ween leaving ur wallet & thinking u won't get the position. The 2 have nothing to do with each other. You are just getting nervous & hysterical for absolutely no reason. If ur getting nervous over this non-significant incident I wonder how you will go in nursing.
    Don't worry about it. It's not worth stressing out over every little tiny thing in life. I see many, many of my psych patients worry endlessly over stuff that truly does not matter.
    Once u get into nursing you will have bigger things to worry about with a patient load. Try relaxation stuff like pilates or exercise, enjoy the simple things and stop stressing over the small stuff.
    It just is not worth it.
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    You've got to be kidding. I was expecting something like, "...and then I threw up on his shoes."
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