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I have this irrational fear of Zombies. It probably stems from the resident evil video games and movies that I adore... and the silent hill games that I rather enjoy as well... but I am, in fact, afraid of the potential of... Read More

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    I had just finished playing the Mercy Hospital map on Left for Dead and imagine my surprise when I logged on and saw this post. No worries, the recently deceased will never jump out of bed and attack you but sometimes the expired do make funny noises whe you start doing post mortem care which can be frightening. I'm more afraid of.... paperwork... dun dun dun.

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    I'm a crowbar type person myself...
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    Quote from Sand_Dollar
    I'm a crowbar type person myself...
    Nice, it's hard the beat the crowbar for a melee weapon. Good choice.
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    Quote from PAROPPY
    I'm more afraid of.... paperwork... dun dun dun.
    My thoughts exactly! By the time you are done you will feel like a zombie yourself.
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    Quote from toomuchrock
    Am I completely alone in my fear of zombies as a nurse?
    probably not.
    for awhile, i was terrified of zombies, i.e., coming back from the dead.

    i had pronounced a pt, with the pt's dtr present.
    as we were quietly talking, the (deceased) pt opened her eyes and took a huge breath simultaneously.
    being the professional that i am, i jumped through the ceiling...
    then scurried out of the room to get my cn.

    cn enters the room and says "yes, _________ is dead"...
    to which i reply as i hung onto the back of her shirt, "don't be so sure".
    well, this time, pt really was dead.
    but for the longest, LONGEST time, i was afraid of dead people.

    i really hope this doesn't happen to you, op.
    it was horrifying.


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    Don't ever see the movie "28 Days Later" then....

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    Not to worry. Hospital zombies suffer from orthostatic hypotension and don't crawl well. You'll easily out pace them.
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    what a nut job...
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    it's not the dead you have to be afraid of .. it's the living.... and just wear your running shoes to work.. you can outrun a zombie easily.. their limbs keep falling off and they have to keep picking up their arms and hands.. by the time the pick up their hand you will be in the parking lot...lol
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    My shift developed a Zombie Action Plan (ZAP!!!) during an incredibly rare quiet night last week. My melee weapon if choice was the top of a two hook IV pole. Ranged weapon: O2 tank rocket. The whole thing got disturbingly detailed, really... :uhoh21:
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