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  1. Hello everyone. Has anyone here completed their MSN from Colorado Technical University and is now in the process or has been accepted to a doctorate in nursing program (DNP, PhD)? Please share your experiences :).
  2. 12hours

    Nursing education practicum

    Hello everyone. I'm currently an online MSN Ed student and our school requires us to look for our own practicum site for our immersion experience. I definitely need my hand held through this process. Don't have much of a network so I look forward to making "cold calls" to nursing schools in my area (I really wish to have learning experience in the academic setting). Any advice/tips?
  3. As mentioned above, there are several Philippine graduates who have successfully hurdled the NCLEX. It is a statistical fact though that repeaters tend to fail exams again and again.
  4. 12hours

    CRNA vs. RN

    How does one manage to get her/himself through CRNA school if he/she is single and self supporting? I heard that you have to be a full time student and employment during school is not advisable.
  5. 12hours

    VA Nurse Accused Of Anti-Gay Tirade

    She needs to prove her case first.
  6. 12hours

    Burnout, bad hours, heavy patient load, what to do??

    do not use loyalty as a reason to stay in a job because they can just drop you off the rolls for any reason they deem fit or for no reason at all.
  7. 12hours

    Inappropriate to call?

    you're a nut, lol.
  8. 12hours

    Fear of Zombies

    what a nut job...
  9. 12hours

    CA RN License and TIN

    Hello everyone. I recently found out about a recruitment agency based in Makati that assists CA NCLEX-RN passers obtain a permanent license by using a tax identification number instead of the SSN. Sure enough I was able to find the names of said applicants in the CA BRN website as having a permanent license. My questions is: were they able to renew their license without being asked for the SSN again? Responses from those who actually went through this route will be greatly appreciated. Facts and actual experiences only please. No opinions.
  10. 12hours

    teaching at career colleges

    How much do nurse instructors earn teaching lpn's/lvn's at career colleges , particularly in the Southern California area (American Career, Concorde, etc)?
  11. 12hours

    Trinity Vocational College

    Their director was my skills lab and post partum instructor back in the university. Good teacher.
  12. 12hours


    my bad, i was referring to er desert rn, lol
  13. 12hours


    the most reliable poster here would have to be Itzallgood since she is now a US nurse attorney who obtained her bsn and law degrees from the Philippines. others just give their opinion and pitch in either incorrect or irrelevant information.
  14. Is anyone here enrolled in the WGU MSN program? I'm seriously considering enrolling in their MS in Nursing Education program. Please tell me about your experience with the university. I'm looking at starting classes either in September or October. My reasons for pursuing graduate studies via distance/online ed are not unique but one thing that draws me to this university is that they are one of the few non-proprietary online-only schools around. I work for one of their "partner hospitals" and would be eligible to apply for their nursing scholarship and also avail of a ten percent discount (per their admissions counsellor) on tuition. They released an announcement that they have just received CCNE accreditation although I still can't find their name listed on the CCNE website. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!
  15. 12hours

    Capella PhD in nursing education

    I was viewing the faculty profiles of St. Francis University's (Joliet, IL) school of nursing and 2 or 3 of their professors received their PhD's from Capella U. You may want to e-mail them about their experience with this university.