Ever encountered biased teachers in nsg school?

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    Sigh ive been trynig hard for a while, have 2 mos to go actually.
    Today i made a mistake in terms of calculating the time due of an IV. She (our clinical instructor) yelled at me that the NOD looked at me, and my classmates said she was talking to me like i was a first grader. Then i made nurses notes and she said i was leaving too much spacing. To be honest i never have a problem with the other clinical instructors, just this one. I dont know how to deal with her.
    I spoke to my dean before and she berated me for not having the ability to be friendly friends with this clinical instructor.
    It was frustrating and i honestly wish i didnt have to be in nursing school. If i had a lot of money i wont finish the 2 mos left. IT was horrible what happened earlier. Really horrible.

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    Yes, it is horrible that you were treated like this. But as you say, you have 2 months to go. Keep your head down and keep jumping through the hoops.

    Some instructors feel that treating students badly will prepare them for the "real world" of nursing, where nurses are expected to take abuse from patients, family members, doctors, and coworkers. Many of us disagree with that philosophy, but as a student you are in no position to change things. Pass your courses, get your license, and then you can campaign for better treatment.
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    If you have put up with it so far, then another two months to get what you want is going to be gone fast. Tell her what she wants, do it the way she wants, and graduate. You can do it.
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    Quote from caliotter3
    If you have put up with it so far, then another two months to get what you want is going to be gone fast. Tell her what she wants, do it the way she wants, and graduate. You can do it.
    Good advice above. I don't blame you for being angry, but really, you are so close to the finish line I wouldn't make a fuss over anything. Just try to figure out her "style" and do your best to conform to that. Be pleasant and do not confront her in an aggresive way. I wouldn't say this would be the thing to do in all situations by any means. Nobody should be doormat, but. . .eyes on the prize, girl!!
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    Unfortunately, this is something you are just going to have to deal with. You have two more months left. Don't let this professor stand in the way of getting to your goal. In nursing, you have to develop a thicker skin and realize that sometimes, you are going to have to swallow some nonsense along the way. You are going to get rough treatment from doctors and even other nurses. Find a way to stand up for yourself in a professional manner. Many professors act like this to train you for the "real world". Take it in stride and finish your classes. You are very close to your goal. Let that be what drives you.
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    Been there, done that, graduated, moved on and am the best damn nurse in Texas!! Seriously, I've worked with a few doctors, nurses, and family members with that same terrible, demeaning attitude which has made me stronger, wiser, better. Swallow your pride, suck it up, charge on!!!
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    I don't get the "biased" part. Are we to understand that this teacher corrects other students in a sweet, pleasant manner, but turns bulldog for you? On a different note, you cannot control the instructor's style, but you control wether you become a victim. Honestly stating your feelings right then and there puts the spotlight right back on the instructor. Say something like," I know I made a mistake, but that's why I'm here to learn and the way you just talked to me is not helping me. Now I'm embarrased and feel horrible. How can I learn that way?"
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    I know where you are coming from. In my last semester I had an instructor like that. MY other classmates all told me they had a great experience with this instructor. I cried quite a few times during clinical with this woman. I was so ready to drop out 2 weeks before graduation but my other instructors stood up for me. I was always so kind to this woman and never talked back to her. I think that is the reason I actually made it. I know it is not right how we have to "take it" from an instructor. There are some seriously flawed individuals out there who like to think they can wield power.
    Now I am a nurse and there are those individuals who try to treat each other poorly. But now, I can stand up for myself and not worry about being failed out.
    Two more months and you will be free of this person. Take it day by day. Remember, what goes around comes around.
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    oh systoly , i meant biased because shes always picked on me. everytime shes the cI i seem to make all these dumb mistakes..im scared of her and she knows it. i go all clumsy. and who wouldnt if someone yells at you in your face in front of a lot of people.
    maybe i should "try" to joke around w/ her and be her friend apparently you cant be just a student or a neutral person to teachers anymore or else they wouldnt like you.
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    Quote from Cherybaby
    ...and realize that sometimes, you are going to have to swallow some nonsense along the way.
    You said that well!

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