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I found this interesting. One of this regions largest health system's flagship hospital has dropped it's Magnet certification. They have been certified since 2004 and was the first hospital in the state, outside the state... Read More

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    Magnet isn't a big deal in my area, so educate please. All I know is a magnet hospitals prefers all BSN nurses.
    *** That is by no means a universal thing. It is true that the same kind of thinking among managment that likes things like Magnet will also be the same type of person who prefers to hire only BSNs. Lots of Magnet hospitals hire ADNs and a few even prefer them.

    Why is this hospital dropping the status? Does it cost money to start and stay in the program?
    *** YES! Magnet is a very expensive program.

    Why lay off nurses?
    *** The laying off of nurses is a symptom of a tight butget, as was the decision to drop Magnet.

    If they have to keep the status, why is care deteriorating? You would think it would be the opposite.
    *** They don't need to keep the status. There is no reason for a hospital to be Magnet unless nursing administration wants to be. Lots of Magnet hospitals were not very good to begin with but managed to slap a fresh coat of paint on thier problems enough to satisfy the Magnet survayors. For example I remeber being shocked to walk into my unit during survay to find our unit, usually staffed 1/2 to 2/3 travelers, fully (overly) staffed with regular employees, many on over time. We were also handed 3x5 cards with likely survayors questions on them and the managment approved answer we were to give, along with threats of what would happen to any nurses who answered honestly rather than giving the "approved" answer.


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    Quote from anotherone
    Why are they the least desired in your area? In my (?) experience / investigating magnet hospitals have lower nurse to pt ratios then the non magnet ones in the same area. As a med surg nurse that is the first thing I think of when looking for a new job
    *** It may well be the case the case that the hospitals that have lower ratios are also Magnet. However the two aren't really related. I have worked at two hospitals that went through their "Journy to Magnet". During the run up to certification ratios were lowered and the units staffed better. That, and many other things, went away as soon as Magnet was achieved.
    The reason they are employers of last resort for me and many of my friends is poor staffing, tyranical and abusive managment, often unsafe working conditions, low pay and poor benifits.
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    Quote from Havin' A Party!
    Understand this.

    As has been stated, "Magnet" was primarily a promotion for nurses. The failure to carry it over as a successful message for the public means it's no longer a viable investment.
    Which is about where 90% of our problems as a profession lie. The other 100% is with the patients thinking they are always right.

    I know my math sucks.
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    Magnet is expensive. Thankfully my workplace finally gave up on it. All it ever did for our nursing staff was give us even more work to do.
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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    I have worked at two hospitals that went through their "Journy to Magnet". During the run up to certification ratios were lowered and the units staffed better. That, and many other things, went away as soon as Magnet was achieved.
    This was my exact experience when my hospital went through Magnet. I'm personally on a handful of our committees that make us look so good when Magnet comes, but most meetings I miss because our staffing isn't sufficient for me to leave for 2 hours for a meeting in the middle of the day.
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    Quote from Havin' A Party!
    OK, so one take-away is work harder, study more, obtain additional certifications, spend more of your time and money away from family / friends / hobbies... and then be the first to get fired.

    Oh, okay... I think I get it now.

    It's sad but true. In good times hospitals may expand their nurse educator and CNS positions, but in down times and to save money they lay them off. You need bedside nurses and even bedside nurses are sometimes laid off, but they can get by with less admin both management and education if they have to. They can stretch them to do more jobs and save money. I read back in the day it was such nurses with MSN in education that then transitioned and went back to school for FNP to find a job.
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    PMFB-RN -
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    Quote from ♪♫ in my ♥
    And then we have the "Guest Services" department.
    I know all about this. Patients get to be downright abusive and we're supposed to smile and say thanks. Oh yeah and apologize if anything is inconvenient for patients, even if it's their faults. I never worked at a magnet status hospital, but know several nurses who did. They also said staffing was great leading up to the certification. Once achieved they dropped back down.
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    I worked in a wonderful Magnet hospital. While there were problems, as with all systems, I don't believe anyone considered Magnet to be something worth "dropping". Moving into 5th designation this year I fear mergers and changes may make this path difficult for them.

    In regards to someone who mentioned that their facility wasn't any different with or without Magnet, that there is the exact issue and most likely the reason the designation was lost. Magnet is a recognition for a culture of EBP, teamwork, and nursing led leadership. If it isn't there, then slapping Magnet on the door isn't going to bring it in.


    PS. I was an ADN when I worked for this Magnet facility. It isn't all BSN, it is a goal of 80% BSN by 2020.
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    well we just were told today we are restructuring and getting higher patient ratios and less training. awesome.
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