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I found this interesting. One of this regions largest health system's flagship hospital has dropped it's Magnet certification. They have been certified since 2004 and was the first hospital in the... Read More

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    I doubt my hospital will get it again when we're due, but we're still pouring tons of money into it and going full force. There are other hospitals in the area that are talking about it, but conditions are so dismal in them I think it's a miracle they pass health department inspection. 1:13 ratios in acute med surg and nurses that don't seem to know what an alcohol wipe is and all...
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    Ha! That's the first time I heard AIDET mentioned outside of my hospital! It's an entire program that basically means smile at people you pass in the hallway and talk nice about the oncoming shift. Seriously.
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    Magnet isn't a big deal in my area, so educate please. All I know is a magnet hospitals prefers all BSN nurses.
    Why is this hospital dropping the status? Does it cost money to start and stay in the program? Why lay off nurses?
    If they have to keep the status, why is care deteriorating? You would think it would be the opposite.

    I find this interesting. A few hospitals, I have heard in the rumor mill, are considering Magnet, but nothing has been done.

    Thanks ahead for the insight. I want to hear the nitty gritty from real nurses, not read the magnet BS on the web.
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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    *** The irony of that is that Magnet hospitals have become the least desirable employers of last resort for lots of RNs, in particular my ICU, transport and ER friends.
    Why are they the least desired in your area? In my (?) experience / investigating magnet hospitals have lower nurse to pt ratios then the non magnet ones in the same area. As a med surg nurse that is the first thing I think of when looking for a new job
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    We had one hospital in Syracuse, that had magnet status, they have since lost the certification. They continue to have heart surgeons that are well known, and it's the hospital my parents go to if the need arises. No difference when they had it, or now.
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    One of the hospitals I work at is magnet and the other one is applying for it. In terms of nurse to patient ratio, I have witnessed on multiple occasions, med-surge nurses having up to seven (!) patients. That is not safe in my book.

    I'd rather work at a place with safe ratios, regardless of its "magnet" status (which is all about prestige...it really doesn't positively affect the quality of care).
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    Quote from That Guy
    Ha magnet. Its up there on the list of pointless, pat yourself on the back programs like Studer, AIDET, etc etc.
    My take out of AIDET wasn't pat-yourself-on-the-back... it was, "bad nurses... you need to hug your customers and be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their choice to abuse you rather than the nurses across town."

    And I notice that the docs aren't doing AIDET... and yet they have immense power over the customer's experience.

    And then we have the "Guest Services" department.
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    Many hospitals are rethinking magnet status due to costs.
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    Quote from ThePrincessBride
    ... I'd rather work at a place with safe ratios, regardless of its "magnet" status...
    Right on, Princess!
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    Quote from Ginger's Mom
    Many hospitals are rethinking magnet status due to costs.
    Understand this.

    As has been stated, "Magnet" was primarily a promotion for nurses. The failure to carry it over as a successful message for the public means it's no longer a viable investment.

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