Does your hospital ID badge have your first AND last name on it?

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    seems some people might find that a little invasive when you think about how many people you interact w/ on a personal and impersonal level day in and day out.

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    Yes, and I've never understood why nurses get so worked up about patients knowing their first and last names. Doctors, PAs, and APNs don't seem to mind.
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    Ours has our first name and last initial. I wouldn't mind though if it had both first and last on it.
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    Quote from Deetail
    seems some people might find that a little invasive when you think about how many people you interact w/ on a personal and impersonal level day in and day out.
    No, just 1st name. Our last name is on the back which nobody can see it, I don't know why it's there. I'm glad our last name isn't on the front. I live in a small community and there's patients I've had that come to find out I know them and this is without them knowing my last name, lol. Plus, I don't want some random patient looking me up on facebook when I walk out their door. Or looking up my address...whatever.
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    We only have first names on our badges, but at least in my state patients do have a legal right to know your last name if they ask.
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    Yes, my first and last name appear on my badge. I do not mind at all.

    Darla, the fry cook at McDonald's, has a badge that displays only her first name. Clifford, the cashier at Jiffy Lube, has a badge that displays his first name only. Lurleen, the greeter at Walmart, has a badge that reveals her first name and nothing else.

    On the other hand, physicians, social workers, dieticians, occupational therapists, teachers, and many other educated professionals are not trying to hide their last names from the public due to some irrational fear of being discovered.
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    My ID has has only my first name on the front. But has my first and last name on the back.
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    My state requires first and last names except for ER and psych. Doesn't bother me at all.
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    I've worked in psych all of my career, and have always had my first and last name on my badge, and introduced myself to clients with my first and last name. Only one employer in my career had a firm policy that I wasn't allowed to have my last name on the badge (I complained about it, but got nowhere), and I made an extra point at that facility of always telling clients my last name. I've lived and worked in small town rural areas and medium- and big-sized cities in a few different states, and it's never been a problem (so far! ).

    Plenty of people with riskier jobs than nurses use their last names freely at work, and I never understand what the big deal is for so many nurses. While I understand that safety is certainly a concern (I am a single woman who lives alone), of all the things that one can do to promote one's safety, keeping your last name a secret from clients at work seems so far down the list to me that it's hardly worth mentioning. Clients who really want to find out your last name can do so pretty easily regardless of whether it's on your badge or not (they can just request a copy of their record, which has all our last names all over it. They can watch for you to come out from work (after they're discharged) and follow you home. Etc., etc., etc. ...

    Of course, I think the whole business of going by our first names at work is a big mistake, but that's a different conversation.
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    yea they do...not sure what the uproar is about it...many of the nurses "creatively" cover their last name with funny stickers etc...some just use a sharpie to black it psych I understand a bit but on a regular floor? If you're going to get subpoenaed they're going to find out anyway LOL
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