Documenting an IV insertion?

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    Can anyone give an example of a documentation of an IV insertion? Thank you.
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    20g IV gelco placed in right hand on 1st attempt.

    22g IV gelco placed in right hand on 2nd attempt X 2 nurses.

    I'm sure someone has something more by the book but this is what I say.
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    Same as above...
    plus I document the dressing, and the date due for the site to be rotated out. ~Ivanna
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    22g angiocath to rfa, inserted on 1st attempt. dated and signed. Jenn
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    I agree with previous posts, the only thing I could add is you can also say "good blood return, flushes well."
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    In my note I always include tourniquet removed. This is a double check for me to ensure that I did remove it.
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    We had stickers printed out on our unit because of a new IV initiative. It includes date, time, number of attempts, 22 ga or whatever, how IV was secured (statlock, tegaderm, etc), flushes easily and good blood return check, and RN signature. Sticker gets put into the progress notes.
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    22ga PIV placed in L hand x 1 attempt, + blood return and flushes without resistance. Secured with tegaderm and tape, protective tent applied. Heplocked per protocol. Pt tolerated s complication. Will con't to monitor.
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    very informative
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    18g CIV placed in the R FA without difficulty on first attempt, blood cultures x 1 and labs drawn from IV start. Pt tolerated procedure well, site c/d/i without redness or irritation.

    20g PIV placed in the L FA on second attempt - pt is a difficult IV start. Pt tolerated procedure well, 500ml 0.9% NS hung w/o per MD order. IV site is without swelling or redness, will continue to monitor.

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