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I work in a sub acute care facility and we don't always have a doctor in house. Most of the doctors and nurse practitioners are texting orders to the nurses. We are also texting questions and lab information to the mds and nps. ... Read More

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    Quote from traumaRUs
    In my practice, it has been declared a HIPAA violation as texting is not secure.
    Yep, us too. No phone texting, no text pages, discussing patients, ever! Something like a $10,000 fine, PER INCIDENT, if it's ever discovered. Such a HUGE HIPAA violation.
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    It's not good practice. I can say this because I've done it. I was dating a doctor and would text him back and forth about orders. Never once did a patient's name get used, but I realize that this was still a terrible thing. What if somehow my cell had been confiscated? (Especially since there were certain other texts that we wouldn't want management to find out about!)

    *slaps self on wrist*
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    Forbidden to send or accept patient info via text at my place of employment and I am glad for it.
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    OP, does your place of employment support texting, prohibit it, or not say anything about it? If texting is not prohibited, this is a SYSTEM problem, not a matter of what you personally did. It sounds like this is a good opportunity for the facility to get its policies updated.
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    NEVER use your personal phone to do healthcare business! OMG NEVER!
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    We do VORB (which we only try to do in emergencies) and text message orders...we once had a midwife on call who asked another nurse to text her when her patient showed up because she was at a movie...simple "your patient is here" no names, that's it. Personally, I would never use my phone for work purposes other than to text my boss non-patient related questions. I would never text any medical info in a text or take an order! I am sure that is so not legal; you AND the doctor are to blame for any mistakes in this situation.
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    We are not allowed to text orders or ANYTHING pertaining to a patient. MD can call
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    And this is what happens when you give an inch. Because its quicker, convenient, blah blah blah! Our bad habit is doing a telephone/verbal order when the doctor is sitting right there. But because no one will speak up, and ask the doctor to use their own hand to write the order. So the nurses get raked over the coals because we shouldn't be writing out verbals unless its an emergency.
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    I work in a hospital and a clinic. We are not allowed to carry our personal cell phones. We have at times texted one certain Doc who never answers the phone and simply said Please call ASAP. Never would I dream of accepting orders VIA text. The same Doc tried to text orders to me over weekends for things to do on Monday. I was off duty and would not respond. I turned all over to my clinic supervisor and those texting orders stopped immediately! Partly, I think, was do to my spouse telling the clinic they could pay for my cell and give me ovetime pay...
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    Yup, serious HIPPA violation.

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