Do you think your manager likes you?

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    I don't think mine likes me. I am not a butt kisser at all, and I don't gossip or tattle. I rarely can work extra shifts either due to childcare issues. Also, she had a complaint on me from a was a legitimate complaint, but I was doing the best I could do. A patient complained that I had not checked on her for two hours at one point in the night, and that was correct. I was with another patient who was circling the drain.
    My manager never speaks to me when she passes me in the hall, etc. I do wish she liked me, because I think it makes work easier, but I'm not someone who is going to go to great lengths to butt kiss or anything like that.

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    Don't you think it's a tad childish to say how work would be better if your manager liked you? I could care less if my manager likes me. I don't go to work to be their friends.
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    Being nice and saying hello is not kissing butt, you don't have to wait until she says it first. Why is it people think that being nice equates with kissing butt? It's exactly this sort of judgmental attitude that scares me about nursing. Try to remember that you and your supervisor are both nurses and here to help people.
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    I understand that you don't want to kiss a$$ but sometimes you have to sell yourself. Sadly, hard work alone doesn't always pay.
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    I work day shift and am around my manager frequently and I'm relatively sure she likes me, but also know I have room for improvement.

    As I age, I have found that ethical hard work is always rewarded in the end, if not at this job, then on down the line. Just keep being the best possible nurse you can be, work hard, and it all works out.
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    we all know that if a boss doesn't like you, they can make your life a living hell.
    no, it shouldn't resort to that...
    but it does, and we know it.

    yrs ago, i was arguing w/my mgr and she ended up crying.
    dang, did she hate me after that.

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    Quote from bluemorningglory
    I understand that you don't want to kiss a$$ but sometimes you have to sell yourself. Sadly, hard work alone doesn't always pay.
    I posted my post above before reading yours.

    One point I do agree on is that you do have to learn your manager's style, what does and doesn't fly, learn how to play well with that, and if you can't get along, then move on.

    I recently got a new manager after having the same manager for many years. I've had to make a lot of personal changes in my working style to accommadate the new manager's priorities. I've had to prove myself all over again.

    I don't kiss butt, but also never forget the boss is the boss and I'm not.
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    My immediate supervisor does not like me, but for the most part I do not care. I have heard how she talks dirt about other nurses when she is sweet as pie to their faces. It honestly makes me sick. Luckly, I have a life outside of work, so I can put up with it for 8 hours a day.
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    I've had a manager before who definitely did not like me. I got called into her office at least once a month for things I usually didn't even do. Most of the employees were scared of her and she always wore these heels that went "click click" on the tiled floors. We would all hide in our patients' rooms when we heard this noise.

    My manager now is always very nice to me and lets me know if I am doing good work, and I never even think about hiding if I see her on the floor.
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    I am of the opinion a good manager is as fair as possible and it would be unclear whether he/she liked a certain person or the end that doesn't matter if they are equal to all. A bad manager conveys his/her preferences of one over the other.
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