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I don't mean "work friends" that you talk to and spend time with only while on the clock; I mean friends who you would gladly meet for lunch or go shopping with on your day off. I'm talking about the... Read More

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    I learned very quickly who I can trust and who I can't. The nurse who trained me isn't all that older than I am so we're pretty close at work, but not so much outside. I have several close friends that I've been friends with since elementary school, so I never feel like I'm missing something. I go to work, I socialize, then I leave it there. We also have a couple people who are widely known to be backstabbers and you never discuss anything with them beyond "can you waste some ____ with me?"

    I have an interview tomorrow for a new job and I'm pretty sure if I get it, I won't keep in contact with people at my current job, and I'm ok with that.

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    Years ago I always attempted to make friends at work. Only one or two would actually make it to be my friend. The problem was they were not friends and only after the manager would talk to me I would find out they were talking and complaining behind my back. We even went out once a week and kept in touch on days off. I cant count the number of times in 12 yrs it happened. Now I look forward to working with some people but thats as far as it goes.

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