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“Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly"......... "Tis the Season to be Jolly"....... Sure we all are excited and making preparations for the holidays. There are signs of Christmas everywhere.....lights, trees, ornaments, Christmas... Read More

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    One thing our workplace did,
    which we all thoroughly enjoyed so so much,
    was "Adopt a Family" each year.

    I can't quite recall, where we got the info on the family we were adopting, maybe some social worker? not sure,
    we were given a desciption of the family. Like, "Family of four, whose father has cancer and are broke. The mom is a size 12, likes needlepoint, and loves the color red. Oldest son, is age 15, is into Atari games, and wears size 10 pants,..." etc etc.

    Then, each of the (nameless) family members,
    would be listed on a separate piece of paper, like,
    Bedfast, but alert, wears size Lg pajamas, interested in hockey, etc etc.

    "Age 6 girl"
    Loves Dora the explorer, the color pink, and ballet, wears size 4 clothes.

    and so on.

    Under it, all of us nurses would sign up under one member of the family, and sometimes, we'd write in what we got, so no one would duplicate the item. "I got Age 6 girl a pink coat" or whatever.

    We'd always make sure, that EACH member of the family got equal amount of nurses giving gifts, so that not everyone would sign up under "Age 6 girl", lol!

    We would bring the item already wrapped, with tags like "Age 15 son" which the social worker would take off, and write REAL name of person, prior to delivering to the family's home. It was kind of heartwarming to see the pile of gifts getting bigger and bigger day by day. By deadline, it always seemed a very impressive pile of gifts!!

    Also, the admins would add in gift of money, or turkey dinner, etc.

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    Decorations are not allowed to deck our halls There is one very large tree in the main lobby. We are not allowed to decorate any area at any time. Our personal lockers cannot even have pictures on them. In many cases, our management seems to focus on the trivial while totally ignoring the important things.
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    Besides the Secret Santa and few scattered decorations in the break rooms/control desk, we tend to make a holiday meal for those that work the holiday so we can have Christmas with the "family".

    There was one particular Surgeon that wrote messages on dressings. Another decided to tie a sparkly ribbon around an ace-wrapped leg on a kidlet. Adorable.

    Last year we made stockings up for the pediatric unit and the younglings in ICU. Even had a gent dressed as Santa deliver them.

    They won't let us have a tree with lights though. Something about a fire hazard which I find interesting as we're allowed to operate a cautery machine near alcohol, drapes, etc. But apparently if you give us fairy lights, all bets are off.

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    We always put up a fake Christmas tree. This year management put up a large one! Previously they have been smaller ones.

    We also do a secret santa for the staff.
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    Oh yeah up here ( Canada) ugly Christmas sweater parties are VERY popular.The uglier the better.

    My unit in the hospital has a tree, several poinsettias,garlands,snowmen and candy canes on the walls and stuff hanging from the ceiling.Most of us wear Santa hats on Christmas morning.We have Christmas music on at the nursing station all day.Usually we pick something to donate to or a family in need to buy for.A couple of people usually have a Christmas party at their home as well the hospital has a big Christmas party every year.
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    Not me but like this

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    Holy crap, Guy, I just choked on my own tongue.

    That. Is. Epic.
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    My old ICU was originally a med/surg unit and every room up and down the hall had a real door, a wooden one. Made it much quieter in the rooms. We decorated every single door-- all 15 of them, plus the main door to the entrance. One year we'd do the 12 Days of Christmas, or all snow scenes, or all trees, or all wrapped "presents," or all elves ... they were all different, we had a great time with it, and it was wonderful.

    I still have the one I made for the main door that we hung every year, a red fleece banner with edges bound in shiny red blanket binding, with a wreath of green felt leaves glued on, with a few red felt berries and a big white felt bow, and PEACE in big gold letters at the top. I hang it on MY front door every year.
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    I've always gone way out decorating at home and work ---and at AN

    Funny you posted this as my office Christmas elves and I shopped last week at the local $1.00 store since we have new enlarged space; spent $60.00 so our department will win the Christmas decorating contest with our theme: Winter Wonderland ...and reuse decorations yearly.

    Decorating started last night:

    1. Huge 4 panel picture window at front, 3 2 back and 4 small high windows dressed with snowflake clings -some have glitter (we bought every one)
    Hung Blue and Silver wire circles with cascading blue bells on blinds side panels
    White batting draps the windowsill and our Santas, snowman and reindeer nicknacks placed. New Christmas tree went up in 10 minutes in front window including branches fluffed. After settling overnight, will decorate with balls and garland today.

    2.Next on decorating list: Hanging snow flakes and blue 'n silver Christmas balls above cubicles; outside will be draped with silver garland beads and blue or silver bells.
    Snowflake garland will be hung from ceiling tile entryways.

    3. Bookcase outside my office door is being transformed into a Fireplace with Christmas stocking hung and Nativity scene on top (Just like my won home). Shred-it box top will grace our Little Christmas tree with 25 days to Christmas tree display: You take out one mini ornament per day and place on tree. Two wreaths strategically placed throughout.

    4. A Menorah and Charlie Brown Christmas tree selected by a staffer who is Jewish for their cubicle. Might have a Kwanza candle display....

    5. I'm gonna string my Mardi Gras beads in office window, bring in my Christmas Cactus. Have mini tree on my desk. Will add stocking cap to my nurse doll and bring out Beanie teddy bears as toys of childhood.

    Staff is determined to win the luncheon prize!

    As a non-profit home care agency focusing on the poor and disadvantaged, we have a "Giving Tree" --Christmas tree is decorated with donation requests hung like balls:
    Mother size 12 bathrobe, Boy age 12 Football, $10.00/$25.00 food store gift certificates,
    Boy age 3 winter jacket, infant diapers, bedbound Dad size 2xL sweatpants, 1 case Ensure.

    All year long we have "Angel Fund" fundraisers: Hot Dog, Hoagie, meatball sandwich and donated Sport game ticket sales. My department has an Angel Fund collection jar for spare change. Money raised along with donations buys Christmas dinner /1 week worth food for neediest families. One year had a patient that had been in house fire months past --5 children were sleeping on plastic lawn chairs; so our colleagues pulled together and found beds, mattress, dressers for this family. We've paid electric bills, bought air conditioner and fans, along with countless sheets/washcloth + towels/ clothes over the years.

    You gotta be careful with the door decorating contests. Despite Philly being a sports crazed town, including our staff, the year a staffer decorated VP Nursing door in tasteful sports team themed pictures, including cheerleaders in short-shorts, did not go over well with our conservative CEO+ VP and was immediately taken down. My take on this tragedy: they picked the WRONG DOOR -would have passed muster if on IT equipment storage closet door in my office. Thusly, no door decorating past 5 years.

    In the hospital setting as night shift elves, I've won contests with theme of "Silver Bells": plastic med cups trimmed with silver glitter hanging in groups and "Songs of Christmas": blown up Christmas sheet music (burnished with blackened edge like rescued from fire) on foil wrapped door.

    Will post office pics when done.
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    we are also not allowed to decorate at all...actually that has been what I have mostly seen across the states in my many years. Last year we even tried to cut out snowflakes and tape them to walls and windows and we were told they were a fire hazard and that they had to come down. It's awful.
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