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I wanted to be a nurse because I was inspired. When I was 15 and very naive, I got pregnant. I was scared but my boyfriend at the time was very nice, as were his parents. Everything was going ok. I... Read More

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    First off, I am so sorry for your loss.Second off, I wanted to tell you that I can completely relate. I am not a mother, however at 20, my mother found out she was pregnant and told me Id be a big sister again...the day she went to find out the sex we found out that my baby brother had severe dwarfism and that his lungs could not develop and he too would die in pain once born. My mother also decided to carry on and give birth. She gave birth to my brother 6 months after we lost my grandmother to a terrible fight with cancer. In 3 years I saw so much bad happening to my family, but it was in that moment that my brother was born that I knew I needed to purse nursing. An infant baby hooked to every kachine andnonce taken off would die, and these nurses were beyond incredible and consoling. I am now a nursing student and take each clinical with so much heart. Like you, I do it for me and my family, but also for others whos lives I want to touch. I dont wven know you and I can tell you that you will make an incredible nurse!
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    Quote from PalmHarborMom
    Really!!! Nurses should not judge. Every person has the right to make their own choices and nurses must respect their autonomy. The OP was sharing a moment in her life that broke her heart and inspired her all at the same time.
    from dirtyhippiegirl
    That poor baby. I can't imagine the five hours of torment that she had to endure being on
    I read DHG's post as saying.......

    That poor infant.....I can't imagine watching anything in that kind of torment in the 5 short hours that beautiful infant was on this heart aches.

    OP I am so sorry for your loss. It is our personal experiences that form us into who we can be.
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    My first baby was at 15... I had a nurse who made me swallow my first pill. A dulcolax, my mother crushed them or I chose liquid. That nurse told me," if I'm old enough for sex and babies, I was old enough to swallow pills." I was married too. At the time it was harsh but the truth. I can now swallow pills and am thankful for her truth. As nurses, sometimes we have to make our patients do what's in their best interest even when they don't want too. So one day I'll be little old lady with a young nurse in a nursing home who will plop that med cup of pills in front of me, little will she know she can thank a nurse from years ago that she didn't have to stop and crush, put them in applesauce for me and feed them to me.... All because I can swallow pills. Thank you " mean ole nurse" from 24 yrs ago!!
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    Thank you for sharing your story. It truly is inspiring. It is so amazing how much children can mold us and show us the path we are meant to follow. You are a strong woman. Good luck on your journey!
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    It took strength and courage to do what you did. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
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    Quote from dirtyhippiegirl
    That poor baby. I can't imagine the five hours of torment that she had to endure being on this planet.
    I hope this is real compassion and not your judgement of how much pain this baby would have felt if she had been dismembered or given saline burns ealier instead....
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    wow that was really touching my heart me my self was pregnant in 2003 i was 7 month's the bby died inside of me lack of oxygen i have to have this baby but it was a beautiful baby boy i name him samuel gift of god me myself want to be a nurse to make a different in other's people that went trought this.
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    This should be an example of the reasons why anyone should want to be a "Nurse". To be in the position to comfort, to console, those who are most in need. I would like to be that individual that can be your Mom, or best friend or a friendly stranger in a healthcare enviroment who makes you feel "special". I feel that Nurses, are in that position , to bring joy and peace to individuals who are in so much need of care and nurture. I mean, occassionally that might not be the case,lol.... and I know ... no occupation is perfect, But your a Nurse, because that is what your heart desires. Your story inspires me
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    I think its so sad when people are encouraged to have an abortion because of the unborn's child disease, defect or terminal illness. How much better to welcome the child for as long as God wills it rather than the other "choice". God bless you and you have a little angel in heaven watching over you!
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    That poster ( dirtyhippiegirl) could have been passing judgement, but if you re-read it, there is nothing definite about judging the OP. They only mention the pain the baby had-which is undeniable and pitiable (unless you're a monster and you wouldn't be on AN if you were).

    I could be wrong, but I try not to be so quick to misconstrue people's meanings.
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